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Ann Curry Desperate To Ditch NBC, But Cranky Execs Have Her By Short Hairs!

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Over it.

NBC. TODAY. 30 Rockafeller Center. Matt Lauer. Savannah Guthrie. Even dear old Al Roker.

Ann Curry is over all of it.

She's been betrayed, misled, and even demoted — and now she wants to move on with her life.

Unfortunately, her contract allows NBC to c***block her exit. Thus Ann is reduced to begging for permission from a network that screwed her over more times than she cares to count.

One insider said:

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Robert Pattinson's Today Interview: Watch How HE Reacts To Kristen Stewart Questions!

Can't hide from 'em forever, Rob!

You know Kristen Stewart got a lil' sassy when Today's Savannah Guthrie asked her about the relationship.

But Savvy don't quit and went for it AGAIN with Robert Pattinson the very next day! Now that's dedicated journalism! Ha!

Ch-ch-check it ouuttt (above)!

We'd tell you, but we just don't wanna spoil the surprise! Watching him react is just priceless, though.

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Kristen Stewart Addresses Robert Pattinson Relationship — And She's Sassy About It!!

Have you been wondering who was going to have the stones to ask the all-mighty Robsten reunion question? FUNNY YOU SHOULD MENTION THAT…

Someone give Savannah Guthrie a journalism badge of honor!!

Cuz that dirty blonde Today host just scored the most coveted of current pop-culture interview points Wednesday.

Growing the biggest pair of balls we've seen yet in this circus, Savvy just straight-up asked Kristen Stewart if she was back together with Robert Pattinson!

(We did wake up, right? We're not still blissfully dreaming from last night's election results??)

And KStew answered all right! In the sassiest way possible!!

Ch-ch-check it ouuttt (above)!!!

You can really tell she wasn't expecting it, but she handled it like a champ! A smart-ass champ but a champ nonetheless!

And hey, what do U think — if you've got a publicist and if you show your PDA, can you really get upset about the lingering curiosity revolving around your love life?

We mean, she did cheat in broad daylight after all. In public!

So something tells us she's really not that worried about keeping her love life too private. Ha!

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Today Show Cast & Crew No Longer Blame Matt Lauer For Ann Curry's Firing

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Matt Lauer has been largely blamed for Ann Curry's firing and the Today Show's bad ratings, but now sources are singing a different tune.

Since it's been revealed that executive producer Jim Bell is the person responsible for getting rid of Curry, "the cast and crew have rallied around Matt."

A source has come forward to explain the shift in his popularity on set and said:

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Kris Jenner Took Precedence Over 9/11 Moment Of Silence, Has TODAY Reached New Low?

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Get it together, NBC!

Your network is in a tailspin since dismissing Ann Curry and butchering the Summer Olympics!

As most of us remember, today marks the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attacks in D.C. and the Big Apple.

The government observed a moment of silence this morning and, as far as we can tell, every other major network cut into their programming to allow their viewers to watch their Commander-in-Chief speak to his country and give remembrance. Every network except for NBC!

Ch-ch-check out Savannah Guthrie interviewing Kris Jenner about the new season of her reality TV show (above) while 8:46AM, the moment the first plane hit the Twin Towers and the moment President Obama addresed his nation 11 years later, ticks right on by.

We keep up with The Kardashians too but when network's flagship morning "news" program foregoes covering major news talk about a reality star's fake tittays it's a troubling faux pas at best.

TODAY has hemorrhaged viewers and goodwill all summer long and this latest debacle is no way to regain it's audience's good graces!

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Savannah Guthrie Too Tall For Matt Lauer, Asked To Wear Smaller Heels


The Today Show's newest co-anchor, Savannah Guthrie, has reportedly been told to wear shorter heels so that she isn’t taller than her co-host Matt Lauer.

The 5'10" Guthrie admitted on a Today blog

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Matt Lauer Bans The Today Show Crew From Appearing On Piers Morgan!

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We guess even though even though the general public - and even some of his fellow staffers - aren't too happy with him, HE is STILL calling the shots around the set of The Today Show!

Even though the entire cast was invited to appear on Piers Morgan Tonight a week after their competition besting them in the ratings, Good Morning America, did so, it was apparently Matt Lauer who once again decided that NO ONE would be sitting down with the Brit on his CNN show…all because he didn't want to be asked about being behind the firing of Ann Curry!

An insider explains:

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