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Lonely 58-Year-Old Man Found Dead Next To His Scarecrow 'Lover'

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There are a lot of questions surrounding Jose Alberto Lescano's death.

This is a very sad story with an incredibly strange twist to it.

58-year-old José Alberto Lescano was found dead in his home in Balcarce, Argentina on Tuesday, but investigators quickly discovered that he was not alone.

In fact, he was in bed with a scarecrow that was outfitted with lipstick, a wig, and a 6-inch plastic tube, leading investigators to believe it was used as a sex toy.

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An autopsy revealed that José died of nontraumatic cardiac arrest and there was no sign of blood or injury at the scene. It's believed his body was laying there for 24 to 48 hours before he was eventually discovered.

Although it has yet to be confirmed, the presence of the scarecrow has led some to speculate that he died while playing a "sex game" with it.

Witnesses described the 58-year-old as a quiet man who lived alone in his rural home and rarely had visitors. There is currently no foul play suspected in his death.

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EXCLUSIVE! Alex & Sierra Perform An Acoustic Version Of Scarecrow! Watch The Delightful & Impressive Performance HERE!

We were so lucky to snag Alex & Sierra for an acoustic performance of Scarecrow!

The amazing duo gifted us with a beautiful rendition of their hit single and everything about it is PERFECT.

We're so excited for Alex & Sierra's album, It's About Us, to make its debut on October 7th!!!

[ Listen: Alex & Sierra - Little Do You Know ]

Could these two be anymore AH-Mazing?!

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Lea Michele Takes A Rainbow To Travel To The Magical World Of Oz!

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There's no place like Oz, there's no place like Oz!

Dorothy is returning to Oz to save the enchanted world from evil as she teams up with her three besties, the Tin-Man, Cowardly Lion & Scarecrow!

Lea Michele lends her ahmazing vocal chords for the tiny heroine in the upcoming film!

The adorbzies heroine travels by a rainbow with her trusty pup Toto back to the world of Oz to help her friends get rid of an evil jester!

And it even looks like she meets some new fuzzy friends along the way!

Ch-ch-check out the adorable trailer for the Legends of Oz (above)!!

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Alyson And Alexis Dress As Scarecrows And Take Satyana Trick-Or-Treating

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There is so much cuteness going on in this picture, we don't even know where to start.

Between Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof's hilarious scarecrow costumes and Satyana's excitement in her round orange costume, we can't help but smile.

Alyson and Alexis took their darling little pumpkin trick-or-treating around the neighborhood on Halloween and were hands-down, the most delightful family on the street.

Satyana is seriously the cutest thing we have ever seen in her orange outfit. And her parents are just as equally as cute.

We give the Denisofs ALL the candy!

If you want to see more pics of them (and trust us, you do), check out below!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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EXCUSIVE: Fun Halloween Project For The Whole Family!

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Lifestyle expert Tanya McQueen from Lifetime’s The Picker Sisters and ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition is a crafty momma!

Known for beautifying things in an efficient way, the mother of 4 has a fun and interactive family project that will your kids will love this Halloween season!

Tanya teaches us how to make "Do-It-Yourself Scarecrows For Halloween!"

Using basic items like a yardstick, staple gun, paper plates, glue gun, sequins, scissors and old clothing, this really is a fun and easy project for the whole fam. Not only that, it’s a great interactive activity to bring the family together while getting into the Halloween spirit.

Trust me, as a busy mom of four I know how daunting a child friendly DIY project sounds. It involves glue guns, sequins, sewing and the inevitable pair of sharp scissors..(every mom’s nightmare). Though the thought of 'homemade' is scary, we all want to have that gold star next to our mom badge; the true display of maternal courage and creativity. So, I came across a great fall project that will have your kids smiling and you blushing with satisfaction: The 1-2-3 Spooky-ooky Scarecrow.

First off, mull the cider and add a dash of bourbon to yours, before settling in to this fall festivity. You’ll need two yardsticks per scarecrow, a staple gun, a few buttons, pipe cleaners, paper plates, glue and some yarn. The rest you can find in your closet.

1.) Take the yardstick and form a cross out of them, staple where they intersect (the great part is the yardsticks are so thin, the staples go right through them).

2.) Next, start dressing your scarecrow. Old shirts and jeans work great. You’ll need to cut a slit in the jeans to feed the end of the yardstick through.

3.) Once dressed, take the paper plates and create a face of your choice. Could be funny, scary, whatever you see for YOUR scarecrow. You can definitely utilize any spare scraps you may have around the house so great creative!

For our scarecrow, we used buttons for eyes & nose and pipe cleaners for a mouth, which came out really cute.

4.) Now it’s time to give your scarecrow hair. You can use yarn, old shoe laces, or anything else you may find around the house to give the same effect. Then you’ll staple the hair to the top of the paper plate which will be later covered by a hat, so don’t worry about it looking sloppy. The color and length are up to you, so have fun with it!

5.) Next, you’re going to staple the plate to the yardstick. You can cover the stapled area by wrapping a scarf, bandana, tie or any leftover fabric over the area. This will of course give your scarecrow more life and a flair of fashion.

Plop on a hat and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind, we-did-it-ourselves, scarecrow!

One word of advice, think about where you’re putting your scarecrow. We put ours by the front door and it 'scares' the crap out of me every night. Guess they work!! Happy Halloween!!

So much fun! And kids love crafts!

To keep up with Tanya McQueen, follow her on twitter @TanyaMcQueen!

[Images via Tanya McQueen.]

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Scarecrow WILL Return In The Dark Knight Rises!!!

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scarecrow will return in the dark knight rises

Christopher Nolan just LOVES Cillian Murphy!

The Dark Knight Rises director has used Cillian in Inception and BOTH Batman movies…and now the two are teaming up once again.

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Joel McHale Not Allowed To Make Fun Of The Kardashians On The Soup


Uh-oh, someone's in trouble…

Joel McHale has revealed that he's not allowed to make fun of the Kardashians on his show The Soup, which airs on E!, the same station as Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Joel says:

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