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Die Hard 5 Gets A Director

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die hard 5 gets a director

That's right, folks! Kenny Ortega isn't ONLY directing the Dirty Dancing remake…he'll ALSO be taking on the fifth Die Hard flick! JK!

As "interesting" as an Ortega-directed chapter of the John McClane saga might be, the guy who's ACTUALLY directing Die Hard 5 is

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Stephen King's It Getting Remade!

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We can't imagine anything will terrify us as much as the original miniseries, but you never know!

Stephen King's classic book, It, has already been adapted for the small screen, and now it's getting the film treatment!

Warner Brothers has commissioned screenwriter David Kajganich to adapt the story into one film, and he recently discussed his process of translating such a detailed, long book into a single movie:

He reveals:

"In all of my talks with the studio, it has only ever been discussed as a single feature film. The book's length is clearly more suited to a mini-series and I understand very well why they went that route the last time around, but I think the book's content is really more appropriate for cinema. I told the studio from the beginning that I felt I needed to be able to write for an R rating, since I wanted to be as candid as the novel about the terrible things the characters go through as kids. They agreed and off I went. I think the biggest difference is that we're working with about two-thirds the onscreen time they had for the miniseries. That sounds dire, I know, but it doesn't necessarily mean two-thirds the amount of story. I'm finding as many ways as I can to make certain scenes redundant by deepening and doubling others. To me, this is an interesting process because it has the effect of thematically intensifying the whole, but it can lead to dramatic surprises. Certain scenes I thought would be crucial to the coherence of the whole ended up cut, while other scenes, which were somewhat cursory in the book, ended up being pivotal in the script."


We wonder if he's all talk, or he'll actually be able to make it work!

Either way, that awful Pennywise the Clown will surely scare us shitless once again! That monster is FUCKED.

What do U think?? Are U interested in another It movie??

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Kellan Lutz Gets Stalked By Freddy Krueger!! Watch!

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Eek! We LOVE the original, but the more of this we see, the better it looks!

Check out the always SEKSI Kellan Lutz shed his sparkly vampire skin and face off against Freddy Krueger in this just-released clip from the revamped A Nightmare on Elm Street!

Pretty scary if you ask us!!


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Kendra's Spooky April Fool's Day!

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Hank Baskett is one mischievous hubby!

The husband of Kendra Wilkinson played a HIGHlariously scary April Fool's Day prank on her a few years back that she's VOWING to avenge!

Girlfriend says that she and her friend were watching a scary movie when she heard noises from the garage and assumed there was an intruder. Reveals Kendra:

"Anyway, on the night of april fools we were watching a scary movie and I went to the kitchen to get a snack and while I was in there I heard noises from the garage and it sounded like someone was trying to get in. I went running back into the living room screaming and told eddie and made him go look in the kitchen. So eddie is walking and im a few steps behind him and suddenly we see the basement door slowly opening and at that moment we thought we were goners — someone was in the house and was about to kill us!!!!!! I grabbed the phone, dialed 911 and was ready to press send. Suddenly hank jumps out of the basement and scares the crap out of us…we were literally both crying haha. I’m definitely gonna get him back this year."

We wonder what Kendra had in store for him this year!!

She should have told him she was preggers again!


[Image via WENN.]

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