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This Bride Does NOT Mince Words Telling Off Parents In Crazy Wedding Anti-Invite!

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Way to stick it to 'em!

A lady named Alyssa Pearce from Adelaide, Australia has become a bit of an Internet celebrity after she shared a wedding invitation that she sent to her estranged parents last year.

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Or maybe a more accurate description is a non-invitation to her wedding — since she basically told her birth parents to eff off by the end of the missive (above)!

Alyssa went into further detail about why she sent such a scathing letter to her parents on Reddit, writing:

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Fox's Anti-Obama Video Goes WAY Too Far

Barack Obama is pissed!

Well, we're not exactly sure if HE'S pissed, but supporters of the president are super pissed after Fox's over-the-top bash fest of Obama during the network's Fox & Friends show.

Fox is saying that the video, which one has to see-to-believe (above), had nothing to do with them and was entirely the fault of one of their producers. They did NOT fire him, though. Hmm.

Here's what a Fox spokesperson said:

"We've addressed the video with the producers and are not going to discuss the internal workings of our programming any further."

They aren't going to answer any questions?

Surprise, surprise!

What did U think of the video??

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Martha Stewart Gets SLAMMED In NY Mag Expose!!!

martha stewart gets slammed

Things are NOT looking good for Ms. Stewart these days.

Last week, Martha Stewart's company reported ANOTHER loss for the quarter, and a new expose released by NY Mag is NOT going to help her cause at all.

Here are some highlights from the SCATHING expose about Martha's company:

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Charlie Sheen's Lawyer Lays The Smackdown On Chuck Lorre, Warner Bros. And CBS!


Oh shiz!

He may be waving his flag of coked-out, instability for the world to see, but he's clearly backing it up with some seriously high-powered lawyers!

Charlie Sheen has taken the first legal steps to reclaiming his currently in-limbo series, Two and a Half Men, as his lawyer, Marty Singer, has sent Warner Bros., CBS, and series creator Chuck Lorre one hell of a nasty legal letter, claiming that they've violated his clients rights and contract, and demanding that they compensate him for eight episodes worth of lost wages!

Here are some HIGHlights:

“This action is outrageous and in direct violation of our client’s legal rights, including under the contract between our client and Warner Bros. Television with regard to Two and a Half Men (“the Series”). Our client is entitled to be paid for eight additional episodes under his contract on the Series.”

“Furthermore, my client is clean and sober and has passed every drug test requested. In fact, he took passing tests this weekend. It is clear that you cancelled the series not because of my client’s condition but in retaliation for your show runner being criticized."

"He (Sheen) intends to hold Warner Bros. fully accountable for the compensation owed on his contract and to hold Warner Bros. and CBS fully accountable for all of the consequences of their actions.”

“We demand that you immediately confirm that our client will be paid for the eight additional episodes of the series under his contract. If you fail to do so, our client intends to exercise all of his legal rights and remedies against CBS, Warner Bros. and Chuck Lorre."

"Although Mr. Lorre is allegedly upset about recent statements made by Mr. Sheen, our client simply responded to Mr. Lorre's ongoing campaign of harassing our client and making numerous derogatory and highly damaging statements about him."

“There is no justification for the Series to be shut down at this time. It is clear that this action is the result of interference by Chuck Lorre with our client’s contractual rights. It is most unfortunate that Warner Bros. and CBS have conspired with Mr. Lorre in his tortuous and outrageous conduct in permitting him to shut down the show, thereby damaging many individuals and companies, in addition to our client.”

“Now, after our client simply responded to Mr. Lorre’s unrelenting derogatory statements, Mr. Lorre retaliated by arranging to terminate production of the Series for the remainder of the season. The fact is that Mr. Lorre refused to perform under the contract, namely, to have the Series produced through April 8, 2011, long before Mr. Sheen made any statements about Mr. Lorre.”

“In addition, we want to again confirm that our client is ready, willing and able to perform his obligations with regard to next season’s production of the series. We trust that you intend to pay our client for 24 episodes for next season’s production of the Series and ask that you confirm your intentions now.”

Geesh. WE feel bitch-slapped when we read this, so we can't imagine how it is for the actual recipients!

Shiz is getting SUUUURIOUS!

Clearly, this whole debacle has just cemented in our minds all the more reason Sheen should not be working and allowed to run around as he pleases, as he's clearly not well, but this letter DOES raise concerns for us that he actually may have a case against Lorre and the CBS and Warner Bros. crew, and we all know he's not going to be letting this one go.

Ugh. Which means MOOOOOORE of all of this drama!

Someone just get his ass help so we don't have to deal with this crazy anymore. It's EXHAUSTING! LOLz!

Thoughts?? Team Charlie or Team Chuck??

[Image via WENN.]

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Miley's Performance In The Last Song Massacred By Critics!


Ouch ouch ouch!

You might be better off sticking to getting tattoos, humping Aussies and pole-dancing singing, Miley!

The reviews are in for the tweener's latest film, The Last Song, and to call them scathing would be the understatement of the year!

Girlfriend gets TORN TO SHREDS!

A critic for The New York Times says:

"Acting, for the moment at least, seems almost entirely beyond her…she pouts, slouches, storms in and out of rooms and occasionally cracks a snaggle-toothed smile, but most of the time she seems to be mugging for the camera, play-acting rather than exploring the motives and feelings of her character."

And that's kind, compared to The New York Post:

"Cyrus makes the most dubious 'dramatic' debut of any singer since Britney Spears."

And The Village Voice gets the nastiest dig in with:

"I can't recall ever squirming as much as I did during Ronnie and Will’s first kiss; shiny, buff Liam Hemsworth looks like he's locking lips with an Andy Hardy–era Mickey Rooney in a wig."

We'll spare you the rest of the verbal massacre, but rest assured, The Boston Globe, Miami Herald, and Variety weren't any kinder.

WOW. We almost feel sorry for Miley. Almost.

Especially seeing as producers essentially had author Nicholas Sparks write the screenplay and its novelization as a starring vehicle for her!

Acting without a long blonde wig and juvenile quips is HARD, isn't it??

Better give that drama coach a call, bb!!

Sounds like you are in serious need of one!

[Image via WENN.]

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