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Amanda Bynes Doing REMARKABLY Better Thanks To Med Cocktail!

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This is SUCH a good sign!

According to sources close to the situation, Amanda Bynes is on a med cocktail to control what appears to be schizophrenia.

Thanks to the advances of western medicine, we're hearing that Amanda has stabilized and the voices in her heard have subdued. This means the HIGHlarious and kind Amanda we once knew could be returning to us!

Rather than calling

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Amanda Bynes Reportedly Displaying Signs Of Schizophrenia; Officials To Seek 5150 Extension

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amanda bynes schizophrenia

This does not sound good.

While one source has revealed that Amanda Bynes has been “doing well” throughout her 5150 hold and “knows when to…act normal,” it seems that might not actually be the case.

Following the troubled actress’ run-in with the law — from bong-throwing to her latest fire-on-lawn incident — medical officials will reportedly seek a two week extension on her evaluation as Amanda is allegedly believed to be displaying symptoms of schizophrenia.

We only hope that Amanda gets the help she needs. What with this evaluation and her parents’ request for conservatorship, this might just be what she needs.

As long as all parties act in her best interest.

[Image via TNYF/WENN.]

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Amanda Bynes' Secret Twitter Account Reveals Possible Schizophrenia Symptoms & Violent Threats!

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amanda bynes could have schizophrenia

This may finally explain it all.

For what feels like forever now, Amanda Bynes has been exhibiting bizarre behavior left and right. Her legal troubles in the driving department were, unfortunately, only the beginning.

Soon we'd begin hearing reports of Amanda locking herself up in a store dressing room and another store's bathroom, while employees were left to wait outside in fear that something truly disturbing or illegal could be happening on the inside.

But nothing could really prepare us for the storm of erratic tweets — messages from Amanda herself that alerted not only us, but seemingly all of Hollywood, that there was something more than 'eccentric' going on with Miz Bynes.

Now we've learned of a second Twitter account, followed and retweeted by Amanda's official account (she only follows 13 on the social networking site). This 'Barbie' character (AKA Malibu Barbie AKA @persiannyc27) appears to be an outlet for Amanda to reveal her darker thoughts:

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Amanda Bynes' Parents Reportedly Fear Schizophrenia

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amanda bynes could have schizophrenia

There definitely seems to be something troubling Amanda Bynes these days.

She adamantly denies drug use — even after the cops arrested her for allegedly throwing a bong out of her window — but her parents apparently fear the root is something else.

Concerned with Amanda's behavior ever since she "exhibited distressing behavior" as a teenager, a source says they're concerned their daughter is the victim of schizophrenia.

As we've discussed before, insiders have given a glimpse into her alleged past with reports of her dreading smoke detectors as homes for secret cameras. Explaining in more detail, another source reveals:

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The Joss Stone Murder Plot Thickens!! All The New CRAZY Deets HERE!

joss stone murder plot defendant testimony

The other half of the twosome that allegedly plotted to murder our beloved Joss Stone has submitted a not guilty plea — and he's EVEN MORE INSANE than his partner's.

Nearly two years ago Kevin Liverpool pleaded not guilty on charges of conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit robbery, and conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm, but now, his partner in crime Junior Bradshaw says he doesn't even remember being arrested!!

The defendant claimed during his testimony yesterday that he is in fact schizophrenic and supposedly believed

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Missing Piece Of The Brain May Be Missing Link In Mental Health Research

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Brain pic

Ever wonder why some people are crazy imagine things and perceive it as reality?

A new study suggests a person's ability to distinguish between reality and imagination is determined by the presence of a fold located at the front of the brain, called the paracingulate sulcus (PCS), which is MISSING in 27% of people!

The size and presence of the PCS may be a key part of understanding schizophrenia because 44% of people with the disease do not have it at all.

Although the disorder doesn't typically appear until adulthood, it is believed to have its roots in the womb, which is when the PCS is developed.

The lead study author,

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