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WTF?!?! School Bus Assistant Choked Autistic Student?!?!

We don't know why we have the question and exclamation parts because this isn't a question but rather a fact.

A schoolbus assistant of 48 year of age was caught on camera choking an autistic student as a punishment.

For what?

Who knows and who cares. You don't do that - EVER!!!

The weird part is that the district hasn't even fired the assistant, but rather they just moved him to a different district to torture some other student.

Captain Justice won't you please help?!?!

Ch-ch-check it out by clicking PLAY directly (above) !!!

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Mom Arrested After School Bus Fight!

Where's a bus monitor when you need one? Quick, someone call Karen Klein out of retirement!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to see the school bus fight that sent a Florida woman to jail charged with trespassing and child abuse!

Was she attacking a poor defenseless student? Or protecting her child like a mama grizzly? Could U tell from the video?

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Middle Schoolers Saves Classmates From Out Of Control Bus!

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Way to think on your feet!

Middle school kids in Washington State found themselves in a sticky situation when their substitute bus driver seized at the wheel.

Jeremy Wuitschick sprang into action.

The 13 year old grabbed the wheel and turned it to the right to avoid traffic and a church. He let the bus slow down and took the key out the ignition.

Fellow schoolmate Johnny Wood tried to perform CPR on the seizing driver as well.

Check out the full story (above) and hear about these courageous kids!

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Student Stops Out Of Control Bus!

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You go boy!

A high school senior in Tacoma, Washington helped save dozens of his classmates Monday when their school bus driver fell asleep at the wheel.

We think he should be excused from finals!

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