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A Satanic Coloring Book Has Been Submitted To A Florida School District And It's Surprisingly Kid-Friendly!

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The Satanic Temple is making a pretty big statement with their new coloring book!

Well here's something you don't read everyday!

The Satanic Temple is creating quite a stir in Florida as they've submitted a children's coloring book to the Orange school district and is hoping to hand them out to students in January!

For those of you wondering what comes in this devilishly delightful coloring book, it's filled with word searches, connect-the-dots, and puzzles!

Now if this all sounds a bit odd, that's probably because it's supposed to be!

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Fresh Prince Theme Song Confused For School Shooting Threat! Entire Pennsylvania Town Goes Into Lockdown!

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WOW! Talk about an OOPSIE DAISY!

But hey! At least we now know the town of Ambridge, Pennsylvania hosts a community full of incredibly fast-moving, vigilant individuals!

Even if they all have somehow been under a rock for the past 20-something years!

Confused?! Allow us to explain:

Apparently, the town's High School had one serious scare earlier in the week after a student's cell phone's voicemail, which featured him rapping a few lines of the now-iconic Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song, was confused by a medical receptionist calling to confirm an optometrist appointment to be a THREAT to shoot down the entire student body…and resulted in a mass lock-down of the district and set police into a FRENZY!

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Karen Klein Tells Anderson Cooper: 'Bullies Not Bad Kids'

Karen Klein comes across on Anderson Cooper's show as a really thoughtful person with a sweet and gentle soul, which makes it even more heartbreaking anytime we see the video of her being taunted in a way that seems almost surreal.

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) of Coop's interview with Klein where she surprisingly says she feels the kids who bullied her are good kids individually, but when they are in groups, it's…well you know.

Keep in mind - this interview was filmed before the bullies had even apologized!

Luckily for her, karma seemed alive and well when she received a special announcement towards the end of the interview.

It's pretty cool to see her face light up as Coop tells her what it is.

P.S. The site made to raise money for Karen Klein has passed $500,000!

Click HERE to donate!

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Bullied Bus Monitor Karen Klein Talks To Today

Karen Klein, a 68-year-old grandmother of eight, was publicly humiliated by a group of sadistic middle schoolers while monitoring their bus ride home, but now she's getting the last laugh.

After videos of the verbal abuse she endured for over 10 minutes went viral, sympathetic internet users have donated over $190,000 to her retirement fund! That figure, by the way, grew by almost 50 grand in just an hour this morning and is most likely continuing to grow as we speak.

New York's Greece Central School District has also taken action by contacting the police to investigate the harassment and is planning severe disciplinary measures for the students involved.

What's the most amazing part of this sad story, however, is not merely the reaction from the public, but the reaction from the victim herself.

Klein spoke with Matt Lauer on The Today Show (above) and said that, despite how "terrible" the hurtful words made her feel, she does NOT want any legal action taken against her tormentors. Instead, she hopes that the incident will serve as a reminder for parents to teach their children to respect their elders.

Perhaps offering proof that bullying will not go away unless parents, school officials and society in general stop pretending it isn't a serious issue, Klein told reporters:

"I was trying to just ignore them, hoping they would go away and it doesn't work. Trust me. It doesn't go away."

Although she admitted, "I will get over it, just like I've gotten over everything else," what about the countless kids who don't get over bullying?

In the last few years, teenage suicide has been on the rise and is, without a doubt, a direct result of bullying. Will THIS be the final straw to make us all step in and put an end to the tragic trend or do we need one hundred more sad stories on the news to remind us of the terror that children are facing on a daily basis?

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Boo! High School Coach Fired Because He Is On Facebook Gay!

coach fired for being gay

This is bullshiz and as a society, we shoudn't tolerate it!

Mitch Stein, a California high school water-polo assistant coach, was fired a few weeks ago because of his sexual orientation.

Now, the former coach is giving the Charter Oak Unified School District EXACTLY what they deserve and has slapped them back with a discrimination lawsuit!

According to officials at the Whittier area school, Mitch was not fired because he was gay, but because he posted "offensive" photos on Facebook.

Oh that makes sense. Must have been some pretty bad photos then, right? Drinking? Drug use? Peen pics?

Nope! The photos in question were one of himself about to eat a corndog and another posing with a pair of drag queens.

The matter was brought to attention after the principle received an anonymous letter complaining about said photos and the cowardly author threatened to go to the school board if Mitch was not fired.

Mitch promised to have the pictures removed, but the damage was done and he was fired as a result.

"The reaction to that letter, in my opinion, was homophobic," the former coach said.

During a meeting the next day with Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Mitch was courteously reminded his termination was not due to his sexual orientation, but because of the allegedly offensive photos.

The mention of his homosexuality in the meeting tipped off attorney Brad Kane on the validity of the discrimination suit, explaining:

"When someone tells you 'Oh, by the way, we're not doing it because you're gay,' there's some question. It appears to be at this stage sexual-orientation-based discrimination."

Parents of students on Mitch's water polo team wrote letters of support for him to the school district. One parent, Kim Cory, calls him a "fabulous coach" who was very involved with his team. In fact, he even applied and received a grant for the team from Kohl's department stores.

As for those photos? She calls them "dumb", but emphasized they were NOT offensive and no grounds for termination.

A father who supported Mitch believes the photos shouldn't have been posted, but "the punishment doesn't fit the crime"

"Mitch shouldn't have had them up is what it amounts to," he said. "(But) poor taste in my opinion is not a reason to get fired. It's more of a reason for discipline."

So true! We wish Mitch the best of luck in his lawsuit and hope he gets the compensation he deserves!

[Image via Watchara Phomicinda/Whittier Daily News.]

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Why Are So Many Teenagers Committing Suicide In Michele Bachmann's District?

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teens committing suicide in michele bachmanns district

This is very disturbing.

In a Minnesota school district repped by Michele Bachmann, there have been a total of NINE teenage suicides in two years. Awful.

According to reports, the teens who have killed themselves were largely gay or perceived as gay, or bullying victims.

Thus far, Bachmann has

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Lady GaGa Impostor Disappoints Elementary School Kids

Lady GaGa wasn't me

Talk about a bummer!

We can only imagine their heartbreak when students at Maugham Elementary in New Jersey found out that the Lady GaGa they thought they had met on Wednesday was an impostor!

A popular teacher at school promised students a "big surprise" after taking the NJ ASK, a state-wide assessment test, but instead they got a big disappointment!

After they had taken the test, the teacher informed students she KNEW Lady GaGa before she was famous, while interning at MTV together and that she had arranged for the students to meet her over Skype!

Unfortunately, the woman dressed as GaGa, who didn't speak on video, but only typed (due to a microphone "malfunction"), was not GaGa at all!

According to a letter from the school district notifying parents and students of the mistake, their famous speaker had to back out of the commitment just hours before she was scheduled to appear, so the teacher "made arrangements" for an impersonator to take her place.

According to our sources, she WAS NOT scheduled to appear and the teacher IS NOT friends with Lady GaGa, before or after she was famous.

While incentives may be a great way to improve student test scores, the school should not be promising incentives they can't make happen!

Students are feeling the burn too, as one fourth-grade student explained:

“I would be disappointed if we didn’t get to meet her and she just told us, but now I feel betrayed and just three times worse.”

So sorry, guys!

Although no mention of what kind of punishment, if any, the fibbing teacher will receive, the school district is not happy with the stunt and wrote:

"Please understand that we are taking this event very seriously and appropriate action is being taken…It is with deep sadness that one of our staff members violated this critical ethical standard."

We're sure this teacher's heart was in the right place, but instead she betrayed the trust of her students and unnecessarily broke the little monster's hearts!

Do U think the teacher should be punished for hiring an impersonator to pose as Lady GaGa for elementary school students?

[Image via WENN.]

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