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Little Big Town Blows Us Away With Their Tornado!

Just in time for Halloween!

Earlier this month, we shared with you a new track from country foursome, Little Big Town, called Tornado, which we LOVE!!

Now the group has just released the eerie, yet sexy visuals to go along with the song for its music video!

Check out the Carrie Underwood-esque Tornado (above)!!!

Ooh, how we love a powerful song about a woman scorned!!

Watertown, Tennessee served as the music vid’s setting and we think it’s super creepy in a True Blood type of way… yet thrilling nonetheless!

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Is Liberty Ross Prepared To Forgive Her Two-Timing Husband Over Kristen Stewart Affair?!


We certainly hope not!

Especially given the recent revelation from her own brother!

But yes, according to new reports, director Rupert Sanders' wife Liberty Ross - on whom he cheated with his Snow White starlet, Kristen Stewart - seems to have gotten all of her scorned rage out of her system, and is prepared to give her two-timing hubby a "get out of jail free" pass!

According to a source close to the model

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Camille Grammer Won't Give Kelsey A Quick Divorce

camille grammer wont give kelsey a quick divorce

S#*t just got real.

Camille Grammer has asked the judge in her divorce case to REJECT Kelsey Grammer's quick divorce decree.

According to Camille, Kelsey is trying to bail out of the marriage immediately "…solely for the reason that he intends to remarry as soon as possible."

Here's what Camille had to say about it:

"I don't believe this is a sufficient reason to prejudice my rights to the community estate."

First, Camille called Kelsey a cross-dresser on Howard Stern, and now she's not going to give him his divorce.

Hell hath no fury like Camille Grammer scorned!

[Image via WENN.]

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Malawian Man Claims To Have Grown Lady Parts Down There!

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Well, this is certainly something you don't hear every day.

A Malawian man has left the world collectively asking 'what the fuck?' with claims that he has somehow developed female parts down where his boy stuff is supposed to be!

25 year old Jali Mateyu believes that after his scorned wife left him when he brought a new woman home, his former mother-in-law cursed him with a second set of genitalia, and can even menstrate!

He says:

“Two years ago I developed strange human flesh on my anus and my wife confirmed to me that they were female genitals but they disappeared. But in June this year they reappeared just between the anus and the genitals. My member shrunk and later disappeared. There were only female genitals. My wife confirmed that they are close to women’s menses. Now male genitals have resurfaced but they are too weak; I can’t perform in bed."

Jali has apparently sought the help of herbalists, who believe that he's been cursed, while medical doctors maintain that what he's claiming is physically impossible!

Out. Of. Control! But has anyone actually checked out this guy's junk to verify whether or not he's telling the truth?!

This one sounds a little too crazy for us!


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Larry King's Scorned Mistress Looking To Press Charges!


She's not giving up her corpse man without a fight!

Although it appears that Larry King and his wife, Shawn Southwick, have forgiven each other for their respectively EFFED UP indiscretions, they seem to forgetting about the other parties involved - Shawn's sister and Larry's ho on the side, Shannon Engemann!

A source says:

“Shannon is absolutely furious. She feels betrayed by Larry. She claims that he made her all these promises about their future about them getting married and being together and now he is back with Shawn. Shannon is fighting mad she’s threatening to sue him for breach of promise if he does not come through. She's called-out to her lawyers and they have had chats to see if anything can be done. Larry has been supporting Shannon for a couple of years now providing her with money and cars, and she honestly thought she was going to be the next Mrs. Larry King. Shannon feels that Shawn is holding the boys and Larry’s love for them over his head. Anyways, it goes Shannon is spitting mad and plans to make waves. Larry made her a lot of promises and now Shannon’s been left ‘holding the bag.' She’s really worried about how she is going to make it because Larry has been financially supporting her and Shawn has demanded that her husband stop’s doing this. To make matters worse Shannon feels like she has burnt bridges with other family members because of the choices that she has made. But the family are willing to forgive her although she has been told it would be a big mistake if she was to take legal action against Larry by suing him for ‘breach of contract.' However, Shannon is so mad right now she is intent on getting what she feels is due her.”

We still can't believe how effing crazy this whole mess is!

Can U imagine what the holidays are going to be like at the King home this year?!


[Image via WENN.]

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Usher's Ex-Wife UNLEASHES On His Fans Via Twitter!!

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HA! This chick is one crazy, scorned bitch!

The, for lack of a better word, tempestuous ex-wife of Usher, Tameka Foster, seems to have a lot of built up aggression for the cheater, and is single-handedly attacking dropping some knowledge on his fans via Twitter!!

Check out some of these HIGHlarious direct messages she's been sending one tweeter's way! And just so you know, the original poster did not direct her messages toward Tameka!

I just read ur timeline & his Twitter background was taken by Walid at MY bday in Vegas, be clear, Grace is NEVER pretty. You gotta go sorry

It makes u a difference bcuz you said it. You're a FOE. The fake supporters on Twitter that hate on other pages. Grown folks dont play games.

FYI: Usher doesnt EVER tweet himself so he will NEVER read your tweets… Ur tweetin an asst or pr person. Ur fan dom is NUTS to be an adult!

RT this FUCK GRACE! She's his hidden side bitch WHORE that has & will NEVER be acknowledged as more. Grace can run but can't hide. Take care



P.S. CLICK HERE to "follow" Perez on Twitter!!

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