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Finally, An Answer! Does Scratching An Itch Make It Worse? Science Survey Says…

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We kinda always knew this to be the case.

But now we have the facts to back it up!

A new study from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri has published their latest scientific findings and it has found to be true what your momma always said!

That scratching an itch is just going to

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Husky Dog Plus Head Massager Equals Cutesplosion

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This husky dog loooooves getting his head scratched!

This is the cutest, friendliest, happiest looking husky!

His owner clearly knows how good those metal wire head massagers feel, so he probably figured he'd give his doggy a little treat.

This dog seems a little wary at first, ducking around the scary metal spider device.

Which is pretty normal for any dog around any weird object, but eventually the owner starts scratching and this dog immediately realizes this is a very VERY good device.

He quickly relaxes and starts just loving the head scratching until he gives the camera the biggest, cutest dog smile we've ever seen.

Good gravy this dog is super adorable!

We love huskies!! They're the best things everrrrr!

Check out the video to witness pure, uncut dog joy… AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Hilarious Cat Reaction To Back Being Scratched!!

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HA!! Look at that crazy kitty!

We've seen dogs lick the air when being scratched and loving it, but a cat??

This kitty reallllllly loves getting his back scratched!

He starts licking and meowing like crazy, like he's in absolute ecstasy.

Cats make the WERIDEST noises sometimes! It's like he's possessed.

It's also adorably cutetastic!

Check out the video (above) to see a cutie kitty being all super weird!

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Cute Corgi Really Wants To Be Petted!

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Aww! That's so sweet!

This corgi is one of the cutest, happiest corgi's we've ever seen!

He's just lovvvving getting petted by his owner.

So when his owner stops, he'll do anything to get his scratching to resume.

He paws at him, pokes at his hand with his nose, nuzzles his leg… all the cute doggy tricks.

And eventually… his owner succumbs! More petting! Yay!

Check out the video (above) to see a cute corgi snuggle his owner into getting more petting.

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Boy And His Dog Got Each Others' Backs…LITERALLY!

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I scratched your back…now it's your turn!

A boy and his pooch are trying to decide how are they going to get this back scratching snafu to work.

Both have REALLY itchy backs!

But have no fear! After some brainstorming, the boy-dog combo decide to scratch each other at the same time!


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DJ Dog Scratching A Record

Filed under: Cuteness!DogFunny

No, it's not some funny play on words where the dog is scratching and pawing at a record with his claws.

This dog is totally scratching the record!

If he played a show we would totally go.

His stage name should be Deadpug5.


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Q & A: Cats Won't Stop Scratching

Filed under: Q&AAdoptionCatDr. Patrick Mahaney


Cats can be great pets… when they're not scratching everything in sight.

TeddyHilton.com reader, Janet, wrote in to Dr. Patrick Mahaney, asking:


My boyfriend and I have adopted 2 super sweet kittens and they've been with us for a year now. They're brother and sister and are really friendly and really sweet. The problem is that they scratch at the foot of every closed door in my place wanting to get in.

I leave all the doors open but whenever somebody is in the bathroom, they scratch at the foot of the door, tearing our carpet, door frames and thresholds to bits. We try to train them by spraying them with water (lightly of course) whenever we see them doing this but that only stops them for the moment.

I've bought small rugs to put in every threshold (which doesn't look very nice) to avoid furthur damage but it hasn't stopped our furry friends from attacking the rugs as well. What can I do to stop this behavior? Thank you for your help.

Janet Antepara,
Valencia, Ca.

Dr. Patrick responded:


Thank you for your question, which is actually a common and frustrating scenario for many cat owners. There are a variety of reasons your cats may be scratching on the floor by the doors besides their burning desire to be close to you, their beloved owners.

Cats scratch to mark their territory (both from a visual sense and with pheromones), for exercise, and to remove dead nail tissue (akin to a nail file).

Give your cats an enticing place to scratch in every room of your house where they have scratched at the base of the door. The scratching posts should be vertical and higher than other objects in the room on which they could scratch (like the side of your couch).

You can purchase a commercial sisel rope and/or carpet style encased post or if you are a DIY kind of gal, then make it yourself. Rub fresh or dried catnip on the scratching posts to attract your feline friend and send them into a blissful scratching spree.

Hopefully, by giving your cats enough options for where they should scratch, they will be dissuaded from tearing up the carpets and driving you crazy!

Good luck,

Have any pet questions? Tweet them to Dr. Patrick HERE!! OR Check him out on facebook!

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