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Pay Up, Screech! Saved By The Bell Alum Facing Foreclosure AGAIN!

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dustin diamonds house faces foreclosure saved by the bells screech

We bet you're seriously beating yourself up over not doing that Saved By The Bell reunion photoshoot now, huh buddy?!

Samuel Screech Powers was a pretty smart guy, but Dustin Diamond seems to be as clueless as they come, at least when it comes to his finances. For the third time in five years, his house is facing foreclosure. In this most recent filing by Wells Fargo, the bank claims Dustin owes them $278,309 since May of this year. As this is the third time the property has faced foreclosure, the bank wants to make it a done deal and recoup their losses by kicking Screech to the curb.

So far, no word or statement from Dustin, but really, what is there to be said? (Other than "Please someone pay me to do something???)

Poor guy!

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Screech Loses His Home!

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He couldn't manage to save it this time!

Dustin Diamond of Saved By The Bell fame is losing his home in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin after falling more than $290,000 behind on his mortgage according to the legal papers filed by Wells Fargo Bank.

Too bad that porn career didn't work out too well for him — doesn't sound like he has any other financial prospects!

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