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Finding Nemo Fish Faces Extinction

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Nemo, a clownfish, is from one of the many groups of fish threatened by extinction that was featured in the movie Finding Nemo.

Apparently, RotoRooter dispatch centers received a ton of calls about children flushing their fish down the toilet after seeing the movie.

Which we're sure didn't help the problem.

Aside from Nemo, all

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Surfer Rides Sea Turtle

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Jamie O'Brien is a professional surfer, based in Hawaii.

A professional photograph recently appeared of him "riding" a sea turtle.

Other than general backlash on the Internet, he may have actually violated state and federal laws.

This could cost him THOUSANDS of dollars in fines.

Some of the more upset people, are the native Hawaiians. To some of them, the "honu" (Hawaiian for sea turtle) is considered to be an ancestral spirit.

So riding them is pretty much a no-no.

A little while after the controversy began rising up, Jamie wrote on his twitter:

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90% Decline In Sea Turtle Deaths

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Sea Turtle

A report in the journal Biological Conservation estimated that over the past 20 years, accidental sea turtle deaths have dropped from over 70,000 a year to around 4,600. Yay!

("Yay" for the drop, not the fact that turtles are still dying.)

It is believed that this HUGE decline is due to fishermen following government regulations like adding turtle excluders to their nets.

A turtle excluder is like a trap door in a fishing net through which turtles can escape.

The author of the report said:

“Our findings show that there are effective tools available for policy makers and fishing industries to reduce sea turtle bycatch, as long as they are implemented properly and consistently.”

The endangered turtle species are most threatened by being accidentally caught in fishing nets.

Some fishermen refuse to install the turtle excluders because they say that they allow shrimp to escape. Even though when installed properly they don’t let shrimp out.

These rules are hard to enforce because of the large numbers of shrimpers across many miles of Coast.

So if U know a shrimper, make sure to ask them if their turtle excluders are installed.

[Image via WENN.]

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Crowd Cheers On Miracle Turtle's Release

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Hundreds of supporters (possibly jobless) watched as Andre, a 177-pound green sea turtle, was released back in to the ocean, today.

When Andre was found stranded on a sandbar on June 15, 2010, he had gaping holes in his shell, the result of two apparent boat strikes. More than three pounds of sand were inside him, along with at least a couple of crabs, a raging infection and a collapsed lung.

AND his spinal cord was exposed, AND pneumonia was plaguing him!!

He practically came back from the dead!!

After a year of rehab and innovative surgeries, Andre was released by caretakers hoping he finds a mate and helps his endangered species prosper.

Good luck Andre! Go get it on!!

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Will Ferrell Intimate Encounter With A Whale

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Will Ferrell Intiment Encounter With A Whale


Will Ferrell was spotted getting all-up-close with his new friend Nanuq, a 2,000-pound beluga whale, at SeaWorld San Diego's Wild Arctic attraction on Tuesday.

Ferrell and his family spent the day interacting with dolphins, sea turtles, sea lions and other animals at the marine-life park.

Is he preparing to play the role of an aquatic animal trainer??

We have no idea… BUT isn't that something you'd wanna see?

[image via Mike Aguilera/SeaWorld San Diego]

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Jamie Lynn Spears Releases A Baby Sea Turtle Into The Wild

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jamie Lynn Spears Releases A Baby Sea Turtle Into The Wild

Such a ADORBZ family!

Jamie Lynn Spears and husband Casey Aldridge show their daughter, Maddie Briann, that it's important not to keep all the animals you find for as pets.

The family is releasing a turtle into the wild today. So sweet!

We hope Jamie comes back to her natural habitat, and gets back into show business show soon.

Miss you Jamie!

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Sea Turtle Sleeps MJ Style - In A Hyperbaric Chamber

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Sea Turtle Undergoes Sleeps MJ Style - In A Hyperbaric Chamber

Crazy Sauce!!!

Last August, Kahuna was found near Hutchinson Island in South Florida with nearly 60 percent of her front left flipper missing and several deep lacerations on her right front flipper

Veterinarians at the Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach, Florida, have spent the last nine months trying to rehabilitate her using antibiotics, vitamins and surgery.

Since none of that has helped her recovery Kahaua's vets are trying something new: hyperbaric oxygen therapy!

It's a treatment in which a patient, whether human or, in this case, turtle, breathes 100 percent oxygen intermittently while inside a pressurized treatment chamber (like Michael Jackson did for a while).

Although the science behind the success of hyperbaric therapy is not widely understood, it has been used to treat bone infections in humans and other animals, such as horses and pop stars.

[Image via AP Images.]

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