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Lindsay Lohan Transferring To ANOTHER Rehab Center?!

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lindsay lohan leaving cliffside

Lindsay Lohan is on the move again!

The 26-year-old actress is currently serving her 90-day court-ordered rehab in a third facility, and is about to make another move–this time, cross country!

Here's the breakdown:

First the starlet was at Morningside, then Betty Ford, recently moved to Cliffside Malibu, and now she's looking at locations in NY!

Whew! Can you keep up?!

Michael Lohan spoke to Linds on Father's Day and said his daughter was headed to an AA meeting and sounded great! He believes the latest facility change was a great choice for her:

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Lindsay Lohan's Cancer Sticks Are More Important Than Rehab!!

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lindsay lohan cigarettes rehab

Oh no!!!!

There is a HUGE snag in Lindsay Lohan's last minute rehab plans!

Linds agreed to call Seafield Center in New York home for her court-ordered 90 day rehad stint, but she reportedly refuses to go because they don't allow cigarette smoking.

No, THIS IS NOT A TEST. This is f'real.

Even though Linds has less than 24 hours to book it to Seafield, she's apparently prepared to bail on her reservation if they won't let her light up.

How very divalicious of you, LiLo!

After lawyers have made countless failed attempts to convince the rehab crew to make an exception for the troubled princess, they are looking into an alternative facility in Newport Beach, California.

We can't believe all this drama is for Lindsay's guaranteed ticket to Lung Cancer City, but then again what else would we expect!

Gurl better work that or else she REALLY will face time behind the slammer.

We imagine even LIndsay will only get so many chances to get it right!

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Lindsay Lohan’s Rehab NOT Selected! Five Locations Still Under Consideration!

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lindsay lohan still choosing rehab location

Guess we were a little premature in thinking Lindsay Lohan was ahead of the game!

While it sounded like LiLo had a rehab all picked out and was just waiting for approval, that isn’t quuuuite the sitch.

LiLo? Not ready? Color us shocked…

Instead, our little Coachella princess still has to look over five rehabs with her attorney, Mark Heller, and FINALLY settle on one!

Mark revealed:

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Lindsay Lohan's Rehab Center Will NOT Allow Her To Take Adderall!

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lindsay lohan adderall

Guess Lindsay Lohan will be high-tailing it out of rehab and moseying down to that nearby liquor store faster than any of us could have anticipated!

As we've reported, the hard-pAArtying starlet will soon be beginning her 90-day probation violation sentence essentially locked down in rehab at the Seafield Center in Westhampton Beach. Although the facility can't force her to stay, it does have 24-hour security at the doors, so if she tries to slither on out, the proper authorities will be alerted!

However, the chances of her taking off have just gotten significantly higher, because despite her prior demand that she be allowed to take Adderall for her "ADHD" while in treatment, the folks at Seafield have come forward and revealed that this is NOT going to fly!

According to sources,

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Attention, Lindsay Lohan! The Liquor Store Down The Street From Rehab WILL Serve You!

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lindsay lohan rehab

Even if Lindsay Lohan manages to survive Coachella and refrain from her hard-pAArtying ways long enough to check herself into the court-appointed rehab facility she's due to spend 90 days in on Long Island, she's STILL going to be battling some serious temptation VERY close-by…because a local liquor store has straight-up ADMITTED that they will enable the troubled starlet, and sell her booze!

That's right, Six Corners Liquors is a quarter-mile away from the Seafield Center, and although the facility is not lock-down like the original terms of her plea bargain demanded, police will be alerted if she does, in fact, try to walk out!

However, if she manages to make it to the store before the cops catch her, its owners reveals:

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Lindsay Lohan's FATHER Is An ALUM Of Her Court-Ordered Rehab Program!

michael rehab alum

Well, isn't this a charming little coincidence?

Turns out, Lindsay Lohan will NOT be the first person in her family to spend time attempting to kick bad habits in the Seafield Center rehab facility in Westhampton Beach, where she'll be serving a specialized, 90-day sentence for her latest probation violation!

In fact, it appears her very own Daddy Dearest, Michael Lohan, spent some time there himself back in 1989 when he had his own issues with cocaine and alcohol…and in the process, became VERY friendly with the program's Executive Director, Mark Epley!

However, don't assume the familial connection is going to get our hard-pAArtying starlet any preferential treatment during her stay!

According to Michael, because Mark knows the Lohan "family dynamic," he's hoping to get Dina into family therapy to sit down with her ex-husband and her daughter, in order for them to address what they believe to be the roots of

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Lindsay Lohan's Rehab Center: All The Deets HERE!

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lindsay lohan rehab seafield center

Lindsay Lohan must be thanking her MANY lucky stars that the prosecution in her lying-to-cops case is NOT insisting she be sent to jail after finding out that "lockdown" rehab doesn't actually exist…

Especially because the location where everyone's agreed Lilo will spend her 90 days of mandated confinement seems comfy AND is semi close to club-stuffed Manhattan!


Lilo will spend 3 months at the Seafield Center ($4025 per week) in Westhampton Beach, NY, and even though it's not a facility that FORCES its patients to stay, the center does have 24 hour security AND surveillance, which means IF Lindsay attempted to leave she would be almost certainly be caught…

And then (most likely) sent straight off to jail.

Unfortunately, the establishment is not designed to house a patient for more than 28 days, but it seems the staff is creating a specialized

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