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Even Bill O'Reilly, Tomi Lahren, & Sean Hannity Think Roseanne Barr's Racist Valerie Jarrett Tweet Was Wrong!

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When even the worst people think what you said was inappropriate.

As you surely know, Roseanne Barr got her show canceled this week when she sent out a racist tweet aimed at President Barack Obama's former aide, Valerie Jarrett.

As people applaud ABC's decision not to stand for hateful commentary, a few voices we didn't expect to hear were those of Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and yes, even Tammy Tomi Lahren.

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The former Fox News host said the network was right to pull the plug by tweeting:

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Donald Trump 'Doesn't Live With His Wife' — Instead He Ends Every Night With A Phone Call From Sean Hannity!

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And now another round of Fox News-is-even-more-biased-than-you-thought news, New York Magazine published an insider's look at the very special relationship between Donald Trump and Sean Hannity.

We've been hearing the pundit was basically an adviser to the president — all while playing an objective "journalist" on TV. The Washington Post reported last month he "basically has his own desk" in the White House, but it actually sounds more intimate than that!

According to insiders, the two share a phone call EVERY NIGHT BEFORE BED!

Video: Fox News Posts Poll Showing They're Less Trusted Than CNN And MSNBC!

Yep, apparently a couple hours after Trump ducks out of the Oval Office at 7 p.m. (and reportedly starts around 11 — yes, Trump's work day is shorter than yours!), he watches Hannity on TV and then receives a call directly from the host.

This isn't 1984, it's like a bad sitcom. What if your racist grandpa who gets all his information from Fox News actually became president? With no qualifications or understanding or even the capacity to learn how to do the job? OF COURSE he would skip out on actual experts and get advice from his favorite talking head!

One insider says the calls actually help Trump "to decompress" at the end of the day because he has no one to talk to since "he doesn't live with his wife."

Here's some video of how this call thing between them got started:

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Rudy Giuliani CONFIRMS Donald Trump Reimbursed Michael Cohen For Stormy Daniels Pay Off — & POTUS Defends That This Situation Is 'Very Common' Among Celebrities!

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donald trump did reimburse michael cohen for stormy daniels pay off

Rudy Giuliani just spilled some MAJOR tea to Sean Hannity — whether he meant to or not.

On Wednesday evening, the former Mayor of New York confirmed to the conservative pundit that Donald Trump DID reimburse personal attorney Michael D. Cohen, for the money that was used to pay off Stormy Daniels (whose real name is Stephanie Clifford). Man, oh man.

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It's said the adult entertainer was paid $130,000 in exchange for her silence during the campaign about a previous affair with the president. Rudy's admission, of course, directly negates Cohen's original claim that the President knew NOTHING about the shady payoff.

Giuliani, who recently joined the Trumpster's legal team, confessed to Hannity:

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Sick Burn! Watch A Non-Profit Founder Slam Laura Ingraham On Her Own Show!

Laura Ingraham is back spewing her hateful garbage on Fox News, and she's looking fighting fit. Almost as if she's lost more than 20 sponsors.

In a debate over sanctuary cities, John Cox, a right winger running for governor in California, clashed with a philanthropist named Enrique Morones, creator of the human rights non-profit Border Angels.

After Cox ranted about MS-13, and how people should be afraid of immigrants, Morones jabbed the politician by saying he's never heard of him. The old Mariah. Nice.

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Ingraham had enough, calling Morones "rude and nasty" — to which he shot back:

"Where's your sponsors? David Hogg got rid of half of them. High school kids shut you down."

Shiiiiit! Not surprisingly, Morones' window quickly disappeared and Ingraham helps Cox finish the debate against immigration by himself.

Ch-ch-check out the slam (above)!

Just a reminder — unless Fox News is losing the sponsors altogether, they aren't going to do shit about her OR crooked ass Sean Hannity. Protest accordingly.

[Image via Fox News/Twitter.]

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Fox News Is More Biased Than You Thought! Trump's Lawyer Reveals His Secret Client Is SEAN HANNITY!

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If you thought Sean Hannity was biased before, holy shit do we have news for you.

In case you somehow hadn't heard, Donald Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen is under criminal investigation by the U.S. Attorney in New York.

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Trump is doing everything he can to keep prosecutors from seeing the mountain of evidence seized in FBI raids on Cohen — including telling people to tune in to Fox News to watch Hannity call the FBI a "crime family":

But Hannity didn't come to this conclusion based on any actual evidence or legal reasoning. No, it turns out that's his lawyer he's

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LOLz! Fox News Posts Poll Showing They're Less Trusted Than CNN And MSNBC!

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Howard Kurtz used a poll to bolster his argument on Sunday — and at the same time made his network look really bad!

The Fox News host introduced the latest numbers from Monmouth University to point out how 77% of the 800 people polled believed the media put up fake news sometimes.

(Of course, the numbers included those who said they sometimes made mistakes — which means we'd have had to say yes also! Everyone gets stuff wrong, and the majority of it comes out VERY quickly!)

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Then he turned to talking about how people still trust the news over Donald Trump. The poll numbers went up and, well, see for yourself (above).

People trust Fox more than they trust Donald Trump — but they trust CNN and MSNBC a lot more!

Watch the host ignore the damaging part of the poll (below)!

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If You Had Beyonce Money, Would U Spoil Your Kid Like THIS? Plus….

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Everybody can parent as they see fit. And if we had Beyonce money, we'd expect our kids to work as adults! You???

Plus, Lots of Cardi B news - including her faulty butt injections!

Brad Pitt has a new lady friend!

Conor McGregor's big brawl! IRL drama!

Jimmy Kimmel vs Sean Hannity!

The Simpsons' Apu controversy boils over!

A RHONY star accuses Russell Simmons of sexual misconduct!

Talking the Maluma concert!

Kate Gosselin gets a new TV show!

And much MORE, including Wrestlemania, Drake, Brooklyn Beckham, Jersey Shore, Jennie Garth, Heidi Montag and Kate Hudson!

Watch! Enjoy! Share!

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