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RuPaul's Drag Race Contestants Are Releasing A Record! Listen To Their Lovely Music HERE!

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We have wonderful news for fans of RuPaul's Drag Race!

The Queen of Queens is helping the lovely ladies from season six put out a fantabulous new album later ths month!!!

This is srsly AH-Mazing! Singing and drag are awesome enough on their own, but they're infinitely better when combined!!! We only wish Khloe Kardashian were involved, LOLz!

Ch-ch-check out the pitch-perfect preview for RuPaul's upcoming album TheCoverGurlz (above)!

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Amber Riley Weighs In On Glee Coming To An End

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Ugh, the news just keeps sinking in.

But it seems like the cast of Glee is taking the farewell news with a positive attitude.

On Wednesday night, Ryan Murphy announced that Glee will be ending their musical run at the end of the sixth season. And of course everyone has an opinion on the end, including Glee alums.

Amber Riley shared with Arsenio Hall her feelings on the news of the series ending.

She said:

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Amber Riley speaks out on Glee endingAmber Riley speaks out on Glee endingAmber Riley speaks out on Glee endingAmber Riley speaks out on Glee endingAmber Riley speaks out on Glee ending

True Blood Finale To Feature 'Multiple' Characters Deaths! Eeek!

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true blood s6 finale

No one in Bon Temps is safe!!!

The upcoming True Blood Season 6 finale is so close, we can TASTE it!

But this Sunday's episode has one vamp VERY nervous about how fans will react to all the action!

Rob Kazinsky, who plays the faerie/vampire Warlow admitted he was super anxious about what's about to go down on the show! Rob explained:

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True Blood's Eric & Billith Are At War! Watch Episode 9's Preview HERE!

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True Blood’s sixth season is almost at a close. But with two episodes left, shizz is seriously hitting the fan!

As Billith grows even more entitled, Eric Northman is now as rogue and unpredictable as ever. Meanwhile, Sookie fights to protect her new fae-fang lover Warlow as the salvation of the nightwalkers rests in his hands blood!

Ch-ch-check it out…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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True Blood Already Stinks Of Dead Meat! Watch The New Episode 8 Promo HERE!

YIKES! It looks like Billith’s visions might be coming to light — pun intended!

While the survival of the vampires remains in the hands of Sookie and her fairy friend Warlow, it seems things are looking a bit bleak for the True Blood’s blooksuckers.

But with her friends in the Mayor’s vampire compound, how far is Sookie willing to go? Will she sacrifice the safety of her destined fae-vampire lover to heed the cause of her divine ex? Or distract herself with some ridiculous cross-species sex?

Ch-ch-check out the new preview (above)!!!

P.S. Preview MVP goes to Alexander Skarsgard. Way to bring the desperation out of Eric Northman.

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True Blood's Rob Kazinsky Teases 'More Than One Death' On Season 6!

true blood death rob kazinsky

Uh oh.

While True Blood fans — SPOILER ALERT — bid Terry Bellefleur adieu on Sunday, they should know better than to think that was the last death they’d be witnessing on Season 6.

The show’s Rob Kazinsky — known for his portrayal of Warlow — took to Comic-Con over the weekend and revealed that there “might be more than one death” hitting audience's TV screens — and heartstrings.

According to Robberz:

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True Blood: Sookie Meets ANOTHER Love Interest In New Teaser!

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Half vamp-tastic love is in the air!!!

HBO unveiled a sneak peek of True Blood Season 6 Ep. 2, The Sun, showing how Sookie meets her new love interest, Ben!

In the season premiere, Mizz Stackhouse makes a conscious choice to try living the life she used to, but that's before hearing moans from a wounded hunk on the side of the road.

She does her best to ignore the man, but obvi needs to make sure he's okay!

Sooks hears him thinking about the scent of his blood before admitting to being attacked by a vampyyy. That’s when she realizes something…

He’s a halfling faerie like her!

Ch-ch-check it ouuttt (above)!!!

We wonder if Stephen Moyer will be directing their love scenes?!

That's something we could sink our teeth into!

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