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Bonnie Joins The Walking Dead On The Vampire Diaries' Finale! Watch NEW Clip HERE!

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We’re still in shock following — SPOILER ALERT — Bonnie’s (Kat Graham) death on last week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries!

But before you get your panties in a twist, remember, she hasn't quite left for the other side — because, uhh, the "other side" doesn't exist at the moment. Now that she’s technically joined the ranks of the walking dead, she still has her witchy powers to set things straight while the battle with Silas rages on.

Will she be able to put the veil back up?! And if and when she does, won't that mean we'll have to say bye to Bonnie for good?!

Ch-ch-check out the all new clip from the upcoming finale (above) and see Bonnie share a sweet moment with Caroline!

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Every Glee-Tail: To Brittany, With Love

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And, that’s a wrap for Heather Morris.

Yeah, we sure as hell didn’t know it going into the episode, but last night’s season finale of Glee meant curtains for at least one original cast member of the hit FOX show. Though Brittany’s absence was noticeable in the weeks following the shooting episode, it was even MORE crystal clear that the final episode of the season was also to be HeMo’s swan song.

Oh sure, we found out who Catfish was (hint, your guess was spot on) and we had a surprise wedding, but really, the episode was mostly about saying goodbye to Heather Morris’ character … who no one knew was even leaving the show.

But let’s get the formalities out of the way….


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Taylor Swift Is The Man-Stealing New Girl! See The New Still HERE!

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taylor swift new girl season finale still

The season finale of New Girl will be quite the Love Story!

Taylor Swift will be making her next TV acting endeavor on the HIGHlariously adorbz sitcom, but what will be her role??

We're used to HEARING about Swifty's tumultous love life and how she's been burned, but this time we will SEE her as *GASP* THE OTHER WOMAN!!

In Elaine's Big Day, Swifty will play the title character who dramatically interrupts CeCe and Shivrang's big wedding.

Juicy, right??

And for those who had their doubts about the songstress' acting abilities, creator and executive producer Liz Meriwether assures us that the I Knew You Were Trouble singer had NO PROBLEM transitioning from country princess to thespian.

Liz gushed:

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Glee Goes For All Or Nothing At Regionals! Listen To Songs From The Season Finale HERE!

This is it, you guys!

The LAST episode of Glee we'll get before the far-too-long, torturous summer hiatus begins…which means there will be NO NEW MUSIC for MONTHS!

But before we succumb to withdrawal and the subsequent depression that comes with it, our aching heart can at least be soothed by the comfort of knowing that in the fourth season finale, All Or Nothing, our beloved friends at New Directions will be bringing the tunage HARD…some of which is even ORIGINAL music!

Before we got to that, however, ch-ch-check out Heather Morris, Jenna Uskhowitz, Becca Tobin and Alex Newell SLAYING Icona Pop's anthemic smash I Love It (above)!

But that's not all the FEROCITY New Directions brings to Regionals this year!

There's also Kevin McHale, Chord Overstreet, Samuel Larsen and Blake Jenner's take on Hall of Fame by The Script; American Idol's Jessica Sanchez getting her chance to SHINE as rival Glee club member Frida Romero during her renditions of Wings by Little Mix and DJ Zedd and the Foxes' Clarity; and of course, Melissa Benoist and Darren Criss crooning the episodes title track, written by her character Marley!

Of course, this all takes a SUPREME backseat to the incomparable Miss Lea Michele, who sends CHILLS down our spine as she DOMINATES the Celine Dion classic To Love You More during Rachel's Funny Girl CALLBACK…and you can hear it - and all the rest - AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Hilary Duff & Ashton Kutcher Are Smokin' Hotties On Two And A Half Men! See The Stills HERE!

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hilary duff two and a half men ashton kutcher photos

Talk about big pimping!!

From Hannah Montana to Lizzy McGuire, Ashton Kutcher sure enjoys plucking talent from the Disney Channel!

Hilary Duff guest stars on an upcoming episode of CBS's Two and a Half Men and we unearthed several beautiful stills from the show!!

The marvelous new mom looked absolutely FABULOUS on the season finale — ch-ch-check out more pics...AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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hilary duff ashton kutcher two and a half men 03hilary duff ashton kutcher two and a half men 01hilary duff ashton kutcher two and a half men 04hilary duff ashton kutcher two and a half men 02

Glee Couple Getting Engaged?! See Pic Of SHOCKING Season Finale!

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glee season finale engagement blaine and kurt

Could we finally see a couple of Glee kids get married?!

It's about DAMN time!

And it might just happen as one adorbzies couple could end up sporting shiny engagement rings by the end of the season!

While there have been plenty of hopeful rumors running wild, this NEW pic (above) from the season finale has us on the edge of our seats.


Blaine (Darren Criss) most def looks like

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Once Upon A Time Sneak Peek Has Emma Thinking About Heading Home! Watch HERE!

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There's only 4 episodes left of Once Upon A Time until the second season wraps up!

Although we're already trying to find a way to spend our future Sunday nights, we're liking what we see so far from the final episodes!

Ch-ch-check out the sneak peek clip from Lacey (above)!

We knew we were going to get a lot of Rumpbelle in this episode, but we had not idea we were gonna get some Neal/Emma time too!

Yeah, we'll say it — we like them together. And what's more, we like the idea of them going back to the Enchanted Forest together to raise their son and live with their family like they were supposed to.

Maybe they could even get the same deal as Pinocchio — turn back the clock and finally get the childhood they deserve with their parents!

Are we thinking too far ahead? Reaching? Sorry… just excited!

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