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Rick Ross Ends Up Canceling More Shows

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No surprise. He needs to get rest!

Despite suffering from two seizures, Rick Ross still planned on taking the stage at his North Carolina and Memphis shows over the weekend.

Looks like Rick changed his mind though, (which he should have done in the first place!) and

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Rick Ross Ready To Perform Tonight After Two Hospitalizations Yesterday!

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Wow. We sincerely hope that he's taking care of himself!

After suffering two seizures on separate attempts to travel to Memphis for a show last night, Rick Ross is once again reportedly out of the hospital once again, and has confirmed to employees at the Greensboro Coliseum in North Carolina that he will still be taking the stage tonight for A&T University's homecoming!

We commend his commitment to his obligations, but shouldn't he be resting up after such a taxing and scary day?

Don't push yourself too hard!

We want to see you healthy!

[Image via WENN.]

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Young Epileptic Boy Raises Over $13,000 To Buy Seizure-Alert Dog

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A 7-year-old epileptic boy needed to raise $13,000 to buy a seizure-alert dog. So he wrote a book.

He made the $13,000 in TWO DAYS! Since then, he's raised over $40,000. Wow!!

He has brain tumors, that cause him to have seizures in his sleep. So every night he must sleep in his parent's bed, each parent with a hand on him, so they can feel a seizure and deliver medicine so that he doesn't suffer brain damage.

A seizure-alert dog would be able to warn of an impending seizure, allowing him to lead a more normal life.

Check out the above video to see this inspiring story.

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Unknown Illness Shuts Down Animal Shelter

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doggie Illness shuts down shelter

This is kinda scary…

The Caldwell County Animal Control shelter is temporarily closed to the public until an unknown K-9 illness affecting the dogs can be identified and treated.

Symptoms of the illness include drooling, neurological problems and seizures.

Sadly, eight dogs have already been severely infected and euthanized as a result, with 10 other dogs euthanized due to their proximity to the sick dogs.

"We are working closely with Dr's Dan and Beth Jones of Lenoir Veterinary Hospital to determine the cause of the illness. We have sent blood and spinal samples to the North Carolina state lab for testing and so far have confirmed that the disease is not rabies,"

said Greg Greene, Director of Caldwell County Animal Control.

The only good news: the illness does not appear to affect cats.

[Image via WENN.]

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Famous Central Park Zoo Gorilla Lulu Dies

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Lulu the gorilla dies

So sad, but we guess it was her time to go.

Lulu, who thrilled New Yorkers by delivering the first baby gorilla ever born at the Central Park Zoo, died at her retirement habitat at in Ohio on Monday.

When Lulu's baby was born in 1972, the New York Daily News ran a naming contest that collected over 33,000 entries and selected Patty Cake as the winner.

The 46-year-old gorilla died after she began to suffer from seizures on Saturday.

Zoo officials say Lulu, known for her pink tongue that was perpetually sticking out, was a favorite among visitors.

Sounds like Lulu lived a long and happy life reaching a relatively old age for a gorilla.

Her daughter Patty Cake went on to produce 10 offspring of her own and now resides at the Bronx Zoo.

Rest in peace, Lulu!

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Tone-Loc Says He Was Sober & Seizing When He Got His DUI

Filed under: Music MinuteBusted!


We don't know how plausible this is, so we remain skeptical.

Earlier last month, rapper Tone-Loc was arrested on a DUI charge. The LAPD pulled him over on December 13th, as they spotted him driving rather "erratically." After pulling over to a nearby station, he was booked for a DUI and and released 12 hours later on $5,000 bail.

But now, Tone-Loc is arguing that he doesn't drink at all and his manager has explained to sources that his client actually had a seizure behind the wheel. Apparently, Tone-Loc has a history with them, and after seeking medical treatment, it's believed that the seizure which caused his erratic driving was brought on by "bad food he had earlier in the day."

So, what you're saying is, the cops pulled you over, took you from your vehicle, booked you on a DUI charge and kept you in jail for 12 hours and never once made you submit to breathalyzer test? Wouldn't that have been one of the first steps in your arrest process? How could they charge you with a DUI if they had no proof you were drinking?

Huh?! Anyone?

[Image via AP Images.]

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School Denies Disability Dog For Student

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This is an outrage!

12-year-old Andrew Stevens and his family saved $20,000 and waited two years for his new trained service dog, Alliya, in hopes that he could return to public school.

Unfortunately, the Stevens family's hopes have been dashed since Fort Belvoir Elementary rejected their request to have the dog accompany Andrew to school.


Andrew suffers from a severe form of epilepsy called Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, which causes multiple types of seizures uncontrollable by medication.

Alliya, a German Shepard, would not only be able to alert people if Andrew were to have a seizure, but is also trained to sense when a seizure is coming.

The school insists Alliya does not meet the requirements for a service dog and therefore is not allowed to accompany Andrew on school property.

Sounds like a bunch of nonsense to us!

If this is what Andrew needs to return to a normal life in public school, then we think he should be allowed that opportunity.

Check out the video (above) for the full story and tell us what U think!

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