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Quote Of The Day


"Only in very, dark moments - moments of pure self-loathing - do I type my name into Google. And I know what I'm in for. You never read anything positive. You always go straight to where you know they're going to say something nasty about you."

- Reese Witherspoon, on Googling herself, to Entertainment Weekly

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"Don't Call Me Latina" Alba Is Back In Full-Force!


Oh, here we go…

Yessica "Don't Call me Latina" Alba is FINALLY addressing why she hates her ethnicity and refuses to play Latin women in film, and we think it's a pretty LAME excuse!

She reveals:

"For me, I never wanted to reinforce any stereotypes about Latin women, and that was why I've shied away from Latin characters I've been offered. Most of them reinforced the stigmas. The women whom I grew up with are intelligent, strong women, and unless I read a woman being portrayed that way in a film, I didn't want to play it."

We think that we'll wash that little quotable down with a shot of BULLSHIT.

Whatevs. Hopefully playing this character in Machete helped her open her eyes to how ridiculous she is!

She should be teaching her kid to EMBRACE where she's from and the culture that comes with it!

But who are we kidding? She'll probably dye her hair back to blonde in like a week!

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Katie Price's New Single Will Flop, Says Katie Price

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At least she is being honest with herself.

We posted last week the brand-new single from Jordan Katie Price, Free To Love Again.

Everyone seems to be in agreement that the song blows the big shiztastic horn, including Miz Price herself! While out whoring promoting the music, she admits that she went about the release of her song all wrong, but that she doesn't really care. She says:

"I've got no record company, I've gone straight onto digital, and I've done it all the wrong way because you're meant to bring out a song three months before and get it on the radio playlist but I know that it's not credible to play one of my songs so I don't do it the usual way….If I'm honest it probably won't do well in the charts because I'm promoting it the week it comes out when usually people are on the radio and in magazines talking about it before and people have already heard it."

So what you are saying is, you dug yourself into a musical hole, one that is sure to bring you ZERO dollars and you don't give a shiz?

Yes? Ok? Just want to make sure we are keeping up!

CLICK HERE to listen to the track and see if you agree with her assessment. (P.S. - You will!)

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