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The New Girl Scouts Edition Barbie Is Causing A Stir! Find Out About The Controversy HERE!

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barbie girl scouts teaming up

For years, people have been upset about Barbie dolls possibly affecting the way that little girls see themselves and their own sense of beauty. Especially since NO ONE can compare to Barbie’s unrealistic proportions!

So, when Mattel and Girl Scouts teamed up to make a themed Barbie, people weren’t very happy.

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Queen Latifah Admits She Turned To Alcohol To Get Through Tough Times In Good Housekeeping!

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queen latifah admits that she used to drink to get through tough times

On the latest cover of Good Housekeeping, Queen Latifah is ALL smiles! However, inside the magazine she reveals that she's made it through some extremely dark times, and she didn't always handle it in the healthiest of ways.

In 1992 her brother Lancelot Jr. died in a fatal accident, and to make matters even worse he was riding a motorcycle she bought him at the time of the crash. Then in 1995, she was the victim of an EXTREMELY violent carjacking in which her friend was shot and nearly died!

Latifah admits that she didn't really know how to deal with all of the pain, so she turned to booze to help cope with it all:

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Amanda Bynes Continues Her Hate Against 'Ugly' People; Tweets Borderline Racist Message!

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amanda bynes use of the word ugly

Within the past 24 hours, the latest headlines surrounding Amanda Bynes have become a storm of vicious scandal and questions.

Scandal is nothing new here.

But we were SHOCKED to see the conditions InTouch reported she was living in. Amanda is of course denying their photographs, claiming they're all fake because the toes on who is supposed to be her are obviously not her perfect, pedicured lil' piggie-wiggies.

Still, there's something else that's troubling here…

As we've pointed out in the past, Amanda likes to defend herself by aggressively calling those she perceives as her 'haters' ugly.

We're all used to people using the 'oh the haters are just jealous' argument to justify themselves, but time after time Amanda takes it even further and denounces the legitimacy of anyone who questions her lifestyle with UGLY.

And we have to wonder why.

Take her latest tweet to us for example.

Responding to our coverage of the InTouch report, she tweet-tweeted:

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Amanda Bynes Takes Off Shirt On Twitter, But Are Her Sexy Selfies Signs Of Self-Image Problems?

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amanda bynes shirtless selfies health twitter bra

Take that, Drake!!

After throwing shade at one of this generation's most popular rappers, even calling him ugly, Amanda Bynes put herself out there for the whole world to see!!

The Easy A star posted two really risqué SHIRTLESS selfies on Twitter just minutes ago, proudly flaunting her midriff… and totally showing off her tittays!!

We're proud whenever a person is so comfortable with their own body that they flaunt it to the entire world, but we're also nervous about the captions Amanda posted alongside the pics!

In one of them she says:

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Erin Heatherton Is Totally Okay With Photoshopping


Photoshopping seems to be a really hot button issue for people, which is why Erin Heatherton's response surprised us!

While teens are trying to get mags to stop touching up their pics, this Victoria’s Secret Angel isn’t too upset about it.

Heatherton explains

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