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Taylor Lautner Bowls With The Elderly!

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All the more reason to love Taylor Lautner!

The seksi werewolf/actor recently made an appearance on Conan, during which he discusses filming stunts for his latest flick, Abduction, being a child killer in one of his first movies, and most HIGHlarious of all, how he ended up spending a majority of his downtime at a bowling alley for senior citizens!

Ch-ch-check the interview (above)!

Hey! Gotta give him some credit!

That's a pretty smart move!

Here's hoping some of his bowling partners don't wise up and start bringing their teenage granddaughters along, though!


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WTF?!?!? 22-Year-Old 'Vampire' Bites Wheelchair-Bound Senior Citizen…At Hooters

florida vampire attacks senior citizen

And you thought that Texas vampire was bad…

We feel absolutely sickened to report that 22-year-old Florida "vampire" Josephine Rebecca Smith attacked wheelchair-bound 69-year-old Milton Ellis last night in front of a Hooter's restaurant.

Fortunately, the senior citizen survived, although he sustained wounds to his face, neck, and lips.

Here's what St. Petersburg Police Department's Mike Puetz had to say about it:

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83-Year-Old Woman Gets Breast Implants

How old is TOO OLD for plastic surgery?

An 83-year-old woman in California didn't think she was too old for it and got breast implants because "she expects to live a little while longer". Since her mother lived into her 90's, "she would like to look good."

A local Fox News broadcast asked people on the street if they felt 83 was too old for plastic surgery and their answers may surprise you!

Check out the video above and let us know if you agree with their opinion!

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Think You're Strong? Check Out This 70-Year-Old Man!

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Where can we get what this guy's been drinking for the last 70 years? Someone test this guy for HGH! LOLz!

Check out this video (above) to see an insanely strong 70-year-old man doing some crazy gymnastics most people can't do in their "prime".

We can honestly say this is the first time we've ever been jealous of a senior citizen. It's an awful feeling.

Are U as impressed as us?

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Pennsylvania High School Student Running For School Board!

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This kid's got some ballz!

Connor Kurtz, a Pennsylvania high school junior at Daniel Boone High School, is running for the school board!

Why would a high school student be interested in a position on the school board? Because like A LOT of high school students, he realized some things just don't make any sense! Conner explained:

"I believe that I could do a much better job than many members on the school board are currently doing. I walk around the school, and I see things that just don’t make sense.”

We can't say this is the first time a student has run for this position for sure, but it's the first time we've ever heard of it, so we're pretty darn impressed!

The best part is, he'll be turning 18-years-old in September before the election, so he can LEGALLY run!

It sounds like this candidate will be a political force to be reckoned with too! He knows there are problems with the school district and isn't afraid to let them know why, as he explained:

“I realized they don’t know what they’re doing. They don’t have a plan. It boggles my mind that you can be on the school board without a plan.”

What's HIS plan? He won't be worrying about any birth certificates, but instead focusing on taxes…which he doesn't even pay yet!

"You don't have to pay taxes to know that taxes in Daniel Boone are too high", he exclaimed in his defense.

Not a bad defense either. Touche, Connor, Touche!

We're curious how the teachers who run the classrooms, will respond to a student running the school district. We smell a MAJOR CONFLICT in a made-for-television movie! Ha!

Check out the news story above to meet the candidate himself and hear what he's got to say.

Also, don't miss the ONLY person in the community reporters could find that doesn't approve of Connor's candidacy. A 106-year-old woman on the street thinks "he's too young." If more senior citizens share the same opinion, he may have just lost two-thirds of the voting population! LOLz!

Honestly, if there are legitimate problems in the school that may need an insider's view to fix, then we hope he wins! Best of luck on the campaign trail, Connor!

Would U vote for a student running for a position on the school board?

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