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Chris Brown And Jail: It's Looking More And More Likely!

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Breezy's gonna be a prison bitch!

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Reese Witherspoon's Arrest: What The Legal Cards Have In Store For Her And Hubby Jim!

reese witherspoon arrest court gif

It's been one helluva weekend for Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth!

Early Friday morning, the married couple were both arrested in Atlanta — he was under suspicion of a DUI and she exhibited disorderly conduct in the form of a tantrum and the oh-so enjoyable pull of the celebrity card.

Monday morning, attorney Steve Weiner represented them in Atlanta (neither needed to attend), but he did not enter a plea on the couple's behalf. Reese's hearing has now been rescheduled for May 22, and Jim's next one is set for May 23.

But though only their attorney need be present at Monday's hearing, practicing Atlanta DUI attorney Raymond Guidice explains what their future road of legal woes could look like, appearances or not!

For Reese, the heaviest hand she's gonna be dealt is a measly

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Lindsay Lohan's FATHER Is An ALUM Of Her Court-Ordered Rehab Program!

michael rehab alum

Well, isn't this a charming little coincidence?

Turns out, Lindsay Lohan will NOT be the first person in her family to spend time attempting to kick bad habits in the Seafield Center rehab facility in Westhampton Beach, where she'll be serving a specialized, 90-day sentence for her latest probation violation!

In fact, it appears her very own Daddy Dearest, Michael Lohan, spent some time there himself back in 1989 when he had his own issues with cocaine and alcohol…and in the process, became VERY friendly with the program's Executive Director, Mark Epley!

However, don't assume the familial connection is going to get our hard-pAArtying starlet any preferential treatment during her stay!

According to Michael, because Mark knows the Lohan "family dynamic," he's hoping to get Dina into family therapy to sit down with her ex-husband and her daughter, in order for them to address what they believe to be the roots of

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Chef To Judge: 'I Didn't Cook My Wife'

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david viens cook murder eat wife gross trial sentence

'WTF' is probz what you're saying if you haven't heard the story of David Viens, who just received 15 years in prison for his wife's murder — even though he claims he's innocent!

He flat-out told the judge:

"I didn't cook my wife."

That's what he said during his sentencing for the second-degree murder of his wife Dawn, whose body was never found in the 2009 case in which David 'gave' a statement to police saying he cooked her. In fact, David says he has no recollection of the hospital-bedisde statement AT ALL!

There was a recording of it, however, and on it he told investigators that he cooked her body in

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Lindsay Lohan Goes Right BACK To The Clubs Following Rehab Sentence!!

lindsay lohan clubbin gif

Just when you start having hope again!

Lindsay Lohan struck a rehab deal in court on Monday that allowed her to go about her business without the likes of prison bars.

But not even 24 hours after agreeing to the 90-day lockdown, she GOES TO A FREAKING NIGHTCLUB!

Linds and her posse pulled up to the AV Club in Hollywood where a crew of photogs waited. Linds covered herself with a blanket, but soon realized

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Edward Furlong Chooses Prison Over Rehab!

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edward furlong prison sentence six months probation violation

Edward Furlong is going back to prison!

The Terminator 2 star had his own Judgment Day on Tuesday when he was sentenced to six months for violating his probation.

But according to attorney Brian Michaels, Edward actually had the chance to get his sentence drastically reduced! Mr. Michaels says:

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Ja Rule Jammin' In Jail Till Summa, Summa Time!

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ja rule jail release day new york city prison sentence july legal matter tax evasion guns

July could either be a good month for rapper Ja Rule, or a bad month.

That all depends on whether or not he actually likes being in jail, as a New York City prison just set his release date for July!

You might be wondering what's going on, especially if you read that he was JUST RELEASED from the slammer last week after serving the better part of two years for illegal gun possession. The thing is, right when he got out, he went right into federal custody for tax evasion!

Talk about bad luck! You know, in case he doesn't like jail after all! LOLz!

The Feds say he's in Brooklyn's Metropolitan Detention Center, and say his expected release date is July 28. The prison itself is meant for short-term sentences, and those waiting for court dates!

We would hope this is last of the legal trouble for him, regardless if he's really into the food or the firmness of the cots! Ha!

[Image via WENN.]

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