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Unbelievable Images Of Hurricane Sandy's Destructive Force & Devastating Aftermath

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Hurricane Sandy is already one of the Twitter-era's most destructive American tragedies.

During galvanizing catastrophes like Hurricane Katrina and the September 11th attacks, the United States relied on cable news reporting and tommorrow's newspaper for coverage those calamitous events. The world is a different place now.

Millions and millions of people continue to be affected by Hurricane Sandy, but, for the first time, the internet allows their voices to be heard and their hardships to be viewed immediately.

We scoured the web for some of the most compelling images we've seen thus far of the unbelievable events, take a look at what we found (below).

[Image via Twitter.]

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Ryan Lochte And Kate Upton Getting Their Charity On!


Ryan Lochte and Kate Upton were recently both at the BGC Partners’ 8th annual Charity Day in NYC!

Ryan is no stranger to canoodling with gorgeous 20-year-olds, but instead of Miss USA, this time it was with supermodel Kate Upton!

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9/11 Firefights Have A Higher Risk Of Cancer

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911 Firefighters Increased Cancer Risk

Ugh, this is so sad.

Firefighters who responded on 9/11 during that horrible, tragic day, have a higher risk of cancer according to a new study:

Male firefighters who were exposed to toxic dust and smoke from the 9/11 attacks on New York's World Trade Center have a 19 percent higher risk of getting cancer of all kinds than colleagues who were not exposed, U.S. researchers said on Thursday.

Luckily though, this is not saying, "You're going to get cancer." This means an increased risk. So there are things that these firefighters can do to try and prevent it, but it's now a tougher prevention:

"For those who were down there and do not have cancer, this is not an epidemic, but it is an increased risk. So the most important thing to do is enroll in an active cancer prevention and screening program."

For firefighters and others who were exposed and have not yet developed cancer, Prezant advised lifestyle changes that can cut cancer risk — quitting smoking, limiting alcohol use, getting regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight.

Unfortunately, cancer is not yet covered under the 9/11 Health and Compassion Act, like asthma and some respiratory diseases are. But this new study is a step in the right direction in getting these deserving heroes the treatment they deserve.

And boy do they deserve it.

We thank each and every one of them for their heroism and sacrifice during that horrible time.

[Image via AP Images.]

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