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Lamar Odom Reportedly Wants $10 MILLION From Khloe Kardashian Divorce — AND MORE!

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khloe kardashian lamar odom divorce demands

Holy shizz!!

Lamar Odom is allegedly NOT f***ing around when it comes to what he wants from a divorce from Khloe Kardashian — if one happens! Though, we're not entirely sure he'll just get whatever he demands!

He wants

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Lamar wants tons of money for Khloe divorce!Lamar wants tons of money for Khloe divorce!Lamar wants tons of money for Khloe divorce!Lamar wants tons of money for Khloe divorce!Lamar wants tons of money for Khloe divorce!

Tori Spelling Spills The Deets On Her Sex Tape & Financial Troubles On The Talk!

If you haven't heard about Tori Spelling's sex tape rumors, her supposed financial struggles and not being able to afford a vasectomy for hubby Dean McDermott, well … you must not be a fan of the noTORIous star!

But if you are, then we think you'll be interested to hear that all these rumors started because of a little book Tori had been penning called Spelling It Like It Is!

The former 90210 actress is finally setting the record straight on The Talk today. Her biggest reveal? She technically, kinda sorta doesn't deny a sex tape!

Well, she called it an "intimate" video, but we ALL know there is more to it than that!

Ch-ch-check out her response to the rumors (above)!!

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Jason Segel Rubs One Out With Cameron Diaz On The Set Of Sex Tape!

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Well, he's just rubbing one of his eyes, but still!

Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz were on the set of Sex Tape yesterday, and were wearing a surprising amount of clothes compared to what you might find in an actual sex tape!

We're still so shocked at how much weight Jason's lost! Maybe he's got some workout gear in his backpack that would explain how trim he's gotten?

Perhaps the source of his exercise is coming from some seksi bedroom scenes on and perhaps off-camera with Cam!

We could totally see these former Bad Teacher co-stars doing some naughty teacher-student role playing when they're not in front of a recording device, but then again, who knows?

Maybe these two have an ACTUAL sex tape! Hey, life imitates art, too!

[Image via Cousart/JFXimages/WENN.]

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Jason Segel and Cameron DiazJason Segel and Cameron DiazJason Segel and Cameron DiazJason Segel and Cameron DiazJason Segel and Cameron Diaz

Tori Spelling Has Millions Of Dollars In Furniture & Designer Clothing Despite Claiming To Be Broke!

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tumblr lp8g19k7ae1qeabw3o1 500

What is this? A celebrity edition of Hoarders?

We reported earlier how Tori Spelling claimed to be strapped for cash in her new book Spelling It Like It Is, but according to a source, she has millions of dollars worth of furniture and designer clothes stowed away in multiple storage units:

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Tori Spelling Says She's NOT Selling Out For A Sex Tape Deal! Tells Porno Company - 'No Way!'

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tori spelling sex tape hell no wenn doodle

It ain't happenin' people!

Even though Tori Spelling just got offered what's likely a million dollars or more to release her sex tape, she's choosing her privacy over a payday!

Sources close to the former 90210 star say she is rejecting any and all offers to go public with this video, including the one she got from Vivid Entertainment president Steve Hirsch!

As we reported earlier, Hirsch and his company are willing to drop

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tori spelling and dean leaving dinner in hollywoodtori and dean with a boot on his leg(1)tori and dean holding hands(1)tori and dean walking through hollywood(1)tori and dean leaving katsuya(1)

Tori Spelling Reveals She Has A Sex Tape!

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torispelling 90210011

It's pretty much the definition of a 9-0-2-1-UH-OHHH!

Tori Spelling's new book, Spelling It Like It Is, is full of confessions…

Including her involvement in a 2009 Valentine’s Day sex tape with her hubby, Dean McDermott!

Hmm… are we being set up for the release???

The reality star explained her sex on video sitch in the book, candidly confessing:

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Tori Spelling has a sex tape!Tori Spelling has a sex tape!Tori Spelling has a sex tape!Tori Spelling has a sex tape!Tori Spelling has a sex tape!

Paris Hilton Loses Her Shiz On-Air, Calls Radio Host 'F**king A**hole'! Hear Her FREAK Out HERE!


Remember in Mean Girls when Cady called Regina (with Gretchen on three-way) and asked Regina if she was mad because Gretchen was nominated for Spring Fling Queen?

Regina, not realizing Miss Wieners was listening, was all like, "I'm not mad at her, I'm worried about her, I think somebody nominated her as a joke or something… Cady, she's not pretty… The Spring Fling Queen is always pretty."

Gretchen got sooooo upset! She even called up Karen to tell her Regina George had called her a big bag of slut!!!

Well, that whole awkward scenario just played out in REAL LIFE with Paris Hilton!!!

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