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EXCLUSIVE! New Ringer Promo!

Get out your calculators and perk up your ears. We're about to break it down, algebra style!

Perhaps you are one of the shameful people who haven't been watching Ringer since it's debut this fall. To you we say: WHAT THE WHAT?

Do you have something against good television? Do you have something against Sarah Michelle Gellar? Are you without a television?

Regardless of the answers to any of those questions, you should be watching this show. It's on the bubble for a second season and we're doing all we can to get it saved!

So, as a refresher, we present to you this EXCLUSIVE new promo for the show that will essentially tell you all you need to know about this CW jaunt!

Pencils ready? And GO! (above)

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Rick Santorum: Gay People Should Stop Being Gay!

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It's a sad sad world out there when men this ignorant and hateful are in positions where they are given a platform to continue spewing this kind of nonsense.

Check out this recent interview with Republican candidate for the Presidential nomination Rick Santorum once again asserts that not only should gay people not be allowed in the military, but they should also just stop being gay altogether (above)!

Oh! It's that simple, isn't it?

How foolish of us to not think of this earlier! We were under the impression that EVERYONE deserved the same kind of equal treatment and ability to live their lives freely and happily!

Just despicable, awful, and deeply, deeply shameful.

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Conservative Mayor Forced To Come Out After Billing Tax Payers For Gay Sex Shop Purchases!


Oh, for goodness sake!

Are these guys TRYING to get caught?

Greg Davis, the Republican Mayor of Southaven, Mississippi, who ran for office on a "conservative, family values" platform, was forced to come out of the closet after he made a $67 purchase at the Toronto gay sex shop Priape, and decided to bill it to his taxpayers as a WORK EXPENSE!

He now reveals:

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New Eva Longoria Film Has Lesbian Sex Scenes Cut In Spain!

We understand that its themes might be a little controversial, but this is just RIDICULOUS!

Eva Longoria recently filmed a role in a new film, called Without Men, in which she is left in charge of a small Latin American village after all of the men are recruited by a band of guerillas, and as if it would be some surprise, the story explores lesbian relationships that take place between some of the female characters in the other gender's absence!

However, we're shocked to report that in Spain, film executives have cut all of the aforementioned scenes featuring that plotline!

Director Xavier Daniel explains:

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Dear Rose Marie Belforti And The Courage Fund…THIS SUCKS!

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This is absolutely shameful.

In light of the three New York town clerks who have refused to comply with the state's new marriage equality laws and therefore, not marry same-sex couples due to their religious beliefs, The Courage Fund, which is an initiative from evangelical Protestants disputing the law, have created a series of videos in support of these individuals, including this one, featuring Rose Marie Belforti!

Watch it (above)!

Again her one sole argument seems to be:

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Dear La Amada Hotel…THIS SUCKS!

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Absolutely deplorable!

We're disgusted to report that a gay couple planning to get married on a "vacation wedding" at the luxurious, five-star La Amada Hotel in Mexico were apparently told by the staff, via letter, that they would not be allowed to do so on their property!

According to the e-mail:

"Dear [redacted], Thank you for your interests for La Amada Hotel. Being a family friendly resort, we unfortunately cannot support or perform a gay wedding. I understand you want to have a small intimate ceremony, but we cannot proceed."


Oh, how silly of us! We forget that two adults in love and wanting to celebrate that with a ceremony impedes upon the resort's ability to be "family-friendly!"

Oh wait. IT DOESN'T.

Everyone involved in this decision should be absolutely ashamed of themselves, and we sincerely hope that their potential clientele take SERIOUS notice of this kind of behavior!


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Twilight Werewolf Busted In Arizona Over A DUI

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Hear that sound? That's the howling of dozens of broken Twi-hard hearts who are sorely disappointed in one their own acting so shamefully.

Kiowa Gordon might not look too familiar, but trust us, you've seen him before. He's one of wolves that traipses after Taylor Lautner in the Twilight movies as a member of the wolf pack. Maybe it would've been easier to recognize him without his shirt on, but that's neither here nor there.

Point is, Kiowa's gotten himself into some trouble as he was arrested yesterday in Arizona on

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