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Bombshell McGee Says She Would Do It All Over Again!!


REALLY?!? Are you serious??

Michelle "Bombshell" McGee recently revealed that she has "no regrets" over her affair with Jesse James. She doesn't even regret capitalizing on the "fame" that came afterwards!

Even though she's now a notorious homewrecker, breaking up the marriage between James and Sandra Bullock, she says she "wasn't the one who broke a vow," adding that James had lied to her about being married.

That's hard to believe when he was married to one of the most famous women in the world!

She does say that she tried to shelter her two young children from the paparazzi, but in the end, she says, "I would do it all over again if I had the chance."

UGH! Have you no shame, woman??

We just hope for her kids' sake, she continues to keep them out of the public eye!!

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Jennie Garth Explains Impromptu 90210 Exit!

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And the truth comes out!

If you've been watching this season of 90210, you're probably wondering what happened to original castmember and shameless homewrecker Kelly Taylor, as she's been noticably absent from the cast lineup so far!

Well, actress - and as far as we know NOT a real life shameless homewrecker - Jennie Garth recently revealed that she left the series because she didn't like the direction it was taking!

She explains:

"I finished my stint there and the show is kind of off on its own, and I'm happy to walk away. It was fun, there's a lot of energy. My friend was producing the first season of the new show, and so that was kind of my motivation to be a part of it. And then he left and it just kind of got a little wonky, so I was happy to be a part of it in the beginning. Now it just seems like another show that we've already seen. Like Gossip Girl and so many shows that show that lifestyle. And when our show was on, there was no TMZ, there was no paparazzi, we had giant cellphones, there was no internet. It was such a different time. I can't believe there was no internet! I feel so old!"


Can't say we're too torn up to see her gone, though! Frankly, the only reason we were excited to see her return in the first place for the reboot was because we were secretly hoping for a throwdown with our hero Brenda Walsh!

Alas, it never happened, our dreams were crushed, and now they're both gone forever.

Oh well!

[Image via WENN.]

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Sluts McGee Comments On Jesse's New Love With Kat Von D!

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And just when we thought we were rid of this swamp donkey for good!

Now that Jesse James is publicly exchanging STDs fluids with Kat von D, his original homewrecking whore Sluts McGee has reared her head to cash in once more comment on his newfound love!

She says:

"There are no hard feelings towards Jesse. I just always wish him the best with Kat and everything… I kind of joke around with Kat, but I have no hard feelings or anything. I've never met her before, no… She's probably so sick of people comparing her to me, but I get compared to her all of the time so it’s whatever."

Oh, pul-leease, bb. Let's not kid ourselves!

Say what you want about Miz von D, but the only thing that we can feel comfortable comparing you to is a used condom in a gas station bathroom!

And may that be the last we ever have to hear from you!


Image via WENN.]

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Homewrecking LeAnn Rimes Is Back On Twitter After Only A Week Hiatus!

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Well, shiz. And here we thought we were rid of her!

Despicable, shameless homewrecker LeAnn Rimes whined to the world last week that she was quitting Twitter because she was tired with people telling her the truth what a despicable, shameless homewrecker she is, but unfortunately for all of us attempting to keep our lunch down, the bitch is back!

She tweeted:

"Hi twitter land! Miss u all and thought I'd just say hello! I have so many darling fans and want you all to know how much u r appreciated…Hugs to all! Can't stay away for too long :)"

We think everyone should take to Twitter and remind her why she left in the first place!

You were certainly NOT missed, bb!


P.S. CLICK HERE to "follow" Perez on Twitter!

[Image via WENN.]

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Nobody Wants To See Homewrecking LeAnn Rimes Sing!

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We guess it doesn't pay to be a shameless homewrecker!

Now that what's left of LeAnn Rimes' career has fallen flat on its ass, she can't even sell out a small show in Phoenix on July 17th, and the venue is selling tickets for 50% off on the website Groupon!


Who wants to place bets that they'll still have to hand out tickets for free?

[Image via WENN.]

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Still Mad At Homewrecker LeAnn (Rightfully So)!

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Absolutely deplorable!

Watch this truly heartbreaking clip of jilted ex-wife Brandi Glanville discuss the end of her marriage with Eddie Cibrian, who, as we all know, carried on an affair with the also then-married LeAnn Rimes.

What shameless, disgusting homewreckers!!

Hang in there, bb! Karma has a funny way of coming back around when you least expect it!

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Rachel Uchitel Does The Inevitable!

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Now that Rachel Uchitel has run out of celebrities to shamelessly sleep with, she's naturally doing what any disgusting, famewhoring homewrecker does - pose for Playboy!

However, because the gutter troll is such a clASSy lady, she reportedly won't be showing off her vajayjay!

Probably because that's only for the eyes of married men with six figure bank accounts!

Good for you, bb! Way to keep your integrity intact!


[Image via WENN.]

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