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Selma Blair Teaches Her Twin To Share

selma blair arthur saint twins

Selma Blair is raising her twin son right!

The Anger Management star was spotted at The Grove in El Lay, taking her son Arthur Saint on a play date.

The cute little guy and his new buddy had to learn to share- Selma just had to explain that if you want to play catch, you do actually have to let go of the ball sometimes!

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Chimps Know How To Play Fair!

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Great!!! Now we have even MAWR hide n seek partners!!!

Researchers at Emory and Georgia State Universities have found that chimpanzees can play nice with each other, much like humans.

They studied a group by playing the ultimatum game, a test given to humans as well.

In the chimp version, one of them was given tokens, one which represented fairness (each chimp receiving the same amount of banana slices) and the other selfishness. The chimps were able to

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Two Cats Throw Down Over One Bowl!!!

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These pussies are QUITE catty! LOLz!

Sometimes sharing is caring, but these two cats don't give a crap about that adage.

They are just trying to get their bellies full!

When one cat sees his comrade eating inside the only bowl they have, it decides enough is enough and steals the bowl!

But don't act like you think the other kitty is going to take that lying down….

This means KITTY CUTIE WAR!!!!!!!! Cat fight! Rawr!!!

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Wild Dolphins Bring GIFTS To Human Divers!

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Australian divers are receiving GIFTS from wild dolphins near the Tangalooma Island Resort.

What kind of gifts????

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Ryan Seacrest And His Dogs Smash On Some Pumpkin For Dinner

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Ryan Seacrest shared some some QT with his pooches this Mother's Day.

And he shared his dinner too!

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Cat And Rat Drink Milk Together

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That rat needs to learn how to share.

Also, it's pretty amazing that cat isn't eating him.

We're surprised he didn't think, "Hmm… you know what goes good with milk? Rat!"

We just love it when animals get along.

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843 People SUED Over Paris Hilton Sex Tape!


Ha! Every time we think that this thing has finally sunk without a trace, it comes back!

Paris Hilton's seksi timez tape, One Night In Paris, has made the headlines again - this time because its owner, XPAYS Inc. has filed lawsuits against 843 alleged BitTorrent users accused of illegally sharing it, and is demanding compensation for losses caused by the tape's mass copyright infringement on the media-sharing network.

The company claims that they “spent a substantial amount of time, money and effort to produce, market and distribute” the XXX flick, and that the illegal downloads have hindered their ability to profit from it.

Luckily, most of these mass lawsuits end with the defendants being given the opportunity to settle the case outside of court for a few hundred dollars, but still! One Night In Paris isn't worth that! It's not even worth watching to begin with!



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