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Record Number Of Shark Attacks In 2012!!

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And now, in terrifying news…

Last year saw a record number of shark attacks!!

The LA Times reported that last year saw more shark attacks than usual.

It actually tied a record high from 2000 with 53 attacks happening!!

26 unprovoked attacks happened in Florida, with 10 in Hawaii, five in California and South Carolina and two in North Carolina.

Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon and Puerto Rico each had one shark attack of their own.

Only one of the attacks was fatal.

Check out the video (above) to hear why there were so many attacks last year!

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Amazing! Turtle Recovers From Shark Attack With Prosthetic Fins!!

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Usually when a sea turtle loses a fin due to a shark attack - there's now a finless turtle in the world and that's the end of that.

But when Hu, a 25-year-old female loggerhead, was found by fisherman and sent to the Suma Aqualife Park in Kobe, Japan - the researchers there were hellbent on getting this turtle a fin again!

They tried 27 times without success. But when they used two rubber fins, held together by a slip-over vest to prevent Hu from breaking free, they found a winner!!

Check out the inspirational story by clicking PLAY (above) !!!

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Shark Attacks Surfer In California

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A shark has attacked a surfer off the California coast.

The young man was attacked with his friends right next to him.

He suffered some serious bites to his arms and neck; one narrowly missing his jugular.

He's he good condition at the hospital and his injuries are not considered life threatening.

Check out the above video for more info on the attack.

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It's Shark (Attack) Week In Russia

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Shark Attacks Spoil Everyone's Fun On Russian Coast

Russia's week full of sharks is a lot less fun than ours.

Today Russian emergency officials have officially warned everyone to stay the f out of the 840 mile stretch of the Pacific coast after two unprecedented shark attacks on swimmers this week.

The 25-year-old man lost both his hands to a shark, after rescuing his wife Wednesday. The second attack, on a 16-year-old boy came Thursday.

According to the Huffington Post one doc said the kid's injury looked like "someone had passed a sharpened rake over the legs."

As gross as that may be, we are pleased to everyone has survived the attacks!

Though, this is spoiled summer fun for lots of vacationing Russians.

[image via youtube]

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Shark Attack = Free Sushi!

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This is an interesting promotion.

A restaurant in Smyrna Beach, Florida is offering free sushi to anybody who has survived a shark attack.

If you've been nibbled on by a shark, then YOU can nibble on some free shark rolls at Kaiju Sushi and Rice Balls.

Co-owner Dekker Dreyer, who has survived five attacks himself, is excited about the campaign. He says:

"The response has been tremendous. [Shark attacks] are something we've grown up with."

In fact, local surfer Joey G. showed proof of his shark attack and ordered a complimentary Jamaican-seasoned mako shark sushi roll. Dreyer says:

"He had the whole package. He had a scar on his leg and he actually had a video on YouTube of himself on the local news being taken away for first aid."

What a unique idea. Might as well eat the shark before the shark eats you!

[Image via WENN.]

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6-Year-Old Talks Shark Attack On Today Show

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So Brave!

First this six-year-old girl gets bitten by a shark, and now she's talking on national TV!

Lucy Mangum, from North Carolina, is recovering after she got bitten so severely by the shark last week that the doctors lost count of how many stitches she had to get.

The shark bit Lucy in just 18-inches of water.

The cuties says she forgives the animal for attacking her but said she definitely likes dolphins better. LOL! How cute is that??

Her parents say this has not deterred them from going back to the beach or Lucy from going back into the water.

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Surfer Mauled By Shark In This Week's 2nd Attack

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sharks better calm down


Usually there are months or years between shark attacks, but this week Sydney has had two

A 48-year-old surfer has been injured in the second shark attack in a week north of Sydney.

Ambulance service spokesman said the man was surfing Wednesday evening when his right arm was mauled by a shark.

He says the surfer was in a stable condition when a rescue helicopter flew him to a hospital.

A 24-year-old woman was flown to the same hospital March 16 after she was mauled by a shark while wakeboarding behind a speed boat.

There is no information on whether the same f–ed up shark could be responsible for both attacks.

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