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James Franco, On Shaving: A New Performance Art Piece

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There's nothing that can really be said about this that will do it justice, so we'll just reaffirm that we're completely obsessed with him.

Check out this video of James Franco sharing with the world the only true way to have a proper shave (above)!

We don't know which we prefer more: his vocal stylingz or his inspired, avant garde camera work!

Don't you ever stop being you, bb! LOLz!

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Gay Bestiality??? French Commercials Bring WTF To The Next Level!

And people were getting upset about that gay McDonald's commercial?!


Check out this animated French ad for Orangina featuring what looks like a MOUNTAIN LION embracing his human, MALE lover! Even this is a little too much for US!


Only in France, right?!

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Don't Drink Shave Your Vag And Drive!

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She's a charmer!

One day after being convicted of a DUI with a prior, Megan Barnes caused a car crash as she proceeded to shave her vagina behind the wheel on Tuesday.


Not only had her driver’s license been revoked for five years, but she is required to have a Breathalyzer ignition on any vehicle she drives as part of her nine months probation.

Despite the legal matters, she just wanted to “be ready” to meet her boyfriend on the way to Key West so she had a passenger hold the wheel while she went "downtown."

Barnes could face up to a year in prison and luckily, the people she struck were only treated for minor injuries.

We can't figure out which part is worse: the passenger who decided to hold the wheel or taking a razor to your genitals in a moving vehicle?!

Both are equally HIGHlarious!

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