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Michael Lohan Was NOT Alone In Planning Intervention For Lindsay! Her Manager AND Legal Team All Desperate To Get Her Help!

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Sadly, it looks as though Michael Lohan may have had more than just publicity in mind when he attempted to stage an intervention for his daughter Lindsay this past Friday…which may also explain why she's so adamant about getting an order of protection against him!

New details have come to light regarding the troubled starlet's very apparent and hard fall off the wagon over the summer, and according to various e-mail exchanges between not only her father, but her manager Evan Hainey, her entertainment lawyer Dave Feldman, and her criminal defense lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley between September 23rd and October 18th, ALL OF THEM were on board with staging an intervention to get her help!

And PLANNING to meet Michael at her home to take part in it!

In Michael's first e-mail to

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Lindsay Lohan Facing ANOTHER Year In Jail? MORE Police Interrogate LiLo Over Her Lies!


We were WONDERING if anything was ever going to come of this…

And now, a very BIG something has - and fresh on the heels of yet another legal mess!

Remember earlier this summer, before Lindsay Lohan was a suspect in stealing $100,000 worth of watches and jewelry from a house party, she was involved in a car accident on the PCH with an 18-wheeler on the way to the set of Liz & Dick?

Way back then, the troubled actress told yet ANOTHER fib to authorities when she asserted that she was NOT the one driving, even though her assistant had already admitted that she was!

Well, now, the Santa Monica police have apparently gotten around to looking into her lie-telling, which is punishable by one year in jail!

And that's WITHOUT

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Lindsay & Her Lawyer Reunite… For A Photo Shoot!

lindsay lohan shawn holley the hollywood reporter photo shoot
lindsay lohan shawn holley the hollywood reporter photo shoot

Guess it pays to be Lindsay Lohan's lawyer!

Well, if you take payment via Hollywood Reporter photo shoot!

The world knows Shawn Holley best not through her work as an El Lay County public defender, nor for her place on the Johnnie Cochran-helmed O.J. Simpson criminal defense team.

No, the world knows her best as the woman who stands by the former hard-pAArtying actress during her multiple legal shenanigans. And most notably for getting her felony theft charge knocked down to a misdemeanor!

So in honor of the victory, she is featured alongside her busiest client in two new photos for the magazine's Power Lawyers List! Just give the snaps a looksie (above)!

Only in El Lay… LOLz! But in all seriousness…

Between this and having seen their interactions during LiLo's various, colorful court dates… doesn't this sort of make you wish these two had a sitcom? Or AT LEAST a reality show?

We're thinking Odd Couple meets Mary & Rhoda meets COPS!

Somebody make this happen!!! ASAP!

[Image courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter.]

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Dina Lohan Confirms That Lindsay's Playboy Shoot "Went Well"

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She's already done it?! Ha! Guess you're getting paid this week, Shawn Chapman Holley!

This morning, news broke that Lindsay Lohan, after years of offers, finally agreed to pose for Playboy Magazine for just under $1 million. Now, her rep refuses to "confirm or deny" the story and people over at Playboy are saying the same. However, no one let LiLo's mother in on the "tight lipped" rule, as she is confirming that the shoot has actually already happened!

Just this afternoon, Dina Lohan gushed that the "photo shoot went well," insinuating that her daughter is happy with the results.

Guess we'll be seeing her on the cover of the magazine in 3…2…1…

BTW - Are inmates allowed magazine subscriptions? We wouldn't want her to miss her big moment if she is, well, "occupied" elsewhere!

[Image via WENN.]

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No More Jail Time For La Lohan!

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It's (almost) official!

Lindsay Lohan has once again slithered out of serious trouble!

HOW does she do it?! LOLz!

The formerly hard-pAArtying actress' lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, reportedly met with Judge Stephanie Sautner and the City Attorney yesterday, and according to sources, gurl will NOT be sentenced to any additional jail time over the 120 days she has already received for violating her probation, so long as she pleads no contest to misdemeanor theft!

Furthermore, she's expected to be serving her sentence at home, with an electronic monitoring device!


We won't know for sure until tomorrow's hearing - and as we've reported, La Lohan won't even BE there for it - but we think that gurl should be thanking her insanely lucky stars that she'll be out of this mess completely, and relatively unscathed, might we add!

Hopefully THIS will be the last of these situations for her.

[Image via WENN.]

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Lindsay Refuses To Take Plea Deal With Jail Time

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She will do anything to not go back to the big house!

Despite the fact that Lindsay Lohan's lawyer, Shawn Holley, is trying to negotiate a plea deal with prosecutor Danette Meyers, Lindsay has told those closest to her that no matter what, she is not going back to jail.

Even though the plea deal will most likely involve jail time, Lindsay wants to go to trial and waste taxpayers' money because she thinks the surveillance tape will show that she's not guilty.

Uhhh, we wouldn't bet on that, Linds. Just listen to your lawyer and maybe you can get a really light sentence. Remember what the judge said last time if you're guilty - you WILL be doing time so at least make it a short visit.

[Image via WENN.]

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Lindsay's Lawyer Desperately Trying To Reach A Plea Deal!

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Well, perhaps more accurately we should say it's hit an impasse.

Source connected with Lindsay Lohan's felony theft case are saying that LiLo's lawyer will be meeting with the DA and Judge Schwartz at the beginning of next week to hammer out some key details in the plea bargain on the table.

On her end, the D.A. refuses to allow Lindsay to walk away from this without any jail time and is sticking to her original offer of six months behind bars. This meeting with the judge will be Shawn Chapman Holley's chance to hear what the judge will offer her client should she plead guilty or no contest. It's likely that if sentencing rest in his hands, Lindsay'll get three months instead of six.

But make no mistake, Lindsay is going to jail. Six months, three months, eighteen days (which is 20% of a three months sentence, which is the most likely scenario at this point), she's still going to see the inside of a jail cell in the next week.

Some men are honorable and keep their promises. Some just like to hear themselves talk.

We feel bad for you Linds, but not too bad. Actions have consequences and if you never face them, you never learn. Hopefully, you learned something this time around!

[Image via WENN.]

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