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Larry King Petitions Divorce

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If an affair with your sister can't get you a divorce, we don't know what'll do the trick!

Larry King and Shawn Southwick filed petitions to dismiss their divorce papers on Wednesday.

Although the judge needs to sign the papers, it's considered a done deal.

Lots of luck! Hope it lasts.

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Was Shawn King's Depression Cause By Her Affair?

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Wow. Girl has got some demons.

Sources close to Shawn King say that her extreme depression started five years ago, when her hubby, Larry King, allegedly started sleeping with her sister.

Though there has yet to be any proof of an affair, sources say that Shawn has convinced herself that Larry has been carrying on an affair with Shannon Engemann and "fought like crazy to remain sane, just to take care of her kids."

This deep depression is what some are saying led to her pill popping ways. Even when things with Larry seemed to be reconciled, she was still terribly unhappy.

Wow. Girl needs some serious help. Whether Larry did or didn't sleep with her sister, she needs to get past it. We truly hope she gets the care and help she needs.

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Larry King Didn't Visit His Wife For Days After Overdose!

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So sad.

Despite wife Shawn Southwick's May 28th suicide attempt, Larry King apparently did not visit her in the hospital while she recovered for days!

Awful. What HAPPENED between these two??

Either way - it's deplorable that he wouldn't want to be by her side!

Poor thing must be in serious need of support from her loved ones.

We hope Shawn gets the help she clearly needs.

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Larry King's Wife Left A Suicide Note Before Attempted Overdose

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It gets even more tragic.

Larry King's wife, Shawn Southwick, apparently left a handwritten suicide note before OD'ing on prescription pills on May 28th.

The police report claims that there were two notes on the scene, one stating that she had taken ambien and various anti-anxiety medications on purpose, and the other specifying where she wanted to be buried.

Unbelievable. We sincerely hope that Shawn is getting the treatment she needs - this whole ordeal has obviously taken quite a toll on her.

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Larry King's Wife ODs On Pills!

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Larry King's wife Shawn overdosed on pills on May 28 and it was her father Karl Engemann who discovered her unconscious in her Provo, Utah home!

He told the 911 operator:

“She may have overmedicated. I don’t think she did it on purpose. Last night she seemed confused about what she had taken, the last time she had taken it…No, no. No, it wouldn’t be suicidal.

“She’s unconscious. I slap her and I holler at her and she opens her eyes half way and puts them back down again. I left my daughter here last night and she was fine. I come this morning she’s supposed to have a meeting in a while and she just seems to be out of it.”

Engemann didn't know what medication his daughter was taking, but he said it was "something to help with her anxiety and her depression."

Shawn went to rehab in 2008 for an addiction to prescription pain pills.

Sad, sad.

We hope she's okay!

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Larry King's Scorned Mistress Looking To Press Charges!


She's not giving up her corpse man without a fight!

Although it appears that Larry King and his wife, Shawn Southwick, have forgiven each other for their respectively EFFED UP indiscretions, they seem to forgetting about the other parties involved - Shawn's sister and Larry's ho on the side, Shannon Engemann!

A source says:

“Shannon is absolutely furious. She feels betrayed by Larry. She claims that he made her all these promises about their future about them getting married and being together and now he is back with Shawn. Shannon is fighting mad she’s threatening to sue him for breach of promise if he does not come through. She's called-out to her lawyers and they have had chats to see if anything can be done. Larry has been supporting Shannon for a couple of years now providing her with money and cars, and she honestly thought she was going to be the next Mrs. Larry King. Shannon feels that Shawn is holding the boys and Larry’s love for them over his head. Anyways, it goes Shannon is spitting mad and plans to make waves. Larry made her a lot of promises and now Shannon’s been left ‘holding the bag.' She’s really worried about how she is going to make it because Larry has been financially supporting her and Shawn has demanded that her husband stop’s doing this. To make matters worse Shannon feels like she has burnt bridges with other family members because of the choices that she has made. But the family are willing to forgive her although she has been told it would be a big mistake if she was to take legal action against Larry by suing him for ‘breach of contract.' However, Shannon is so mad right now she is intent on getting what she feels is due her.”

We still can't believe how effing crazy this whole mess is!

Can U imagine what the holidays are going to be like at the King home this year?!


[Image via WENN.]

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Divorce Called Off! Larry King To Stick It Out With Wife #7!

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We don't expect any of the other cheating couples in Hollywood to follow suit on this one, but to each their own.

Larry King and his wife Shawn Southwick have decided that their marriage is worth another try and have announced they are calling off their divorce. It seems something about their 13 year marriage is worth fighting for and Larry has moved back into his home he shares with Shawn. The couple released this statement about their family and situation:

"We love our children, we love each other, we love being a family. That is all that matters to us.

We owe it to ourselves and our children to continue being dedicated to each other. We want to thank our friends for their loyal love and support — for being there for us."

At least the children will be happy. Got us thinking though:

Maybe Shawn gets more money if she sticks it out with Larry till he croaks rather than taking a divorce payout! Maybe girl has got herself a plan!

But then maybe (and least likely) they both really do love one another and want to figure things out.

Here's hoping it lasts for longer than a week.

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