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Virgin Actor Sentenced To Life In Prison

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He's finally going to pay for what he did.

Shelley Malil, best known for his role in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, was sentenced to life in prison for attempting to murder his girlfriend, Kendra Beebe.

The conviction comes after almost two years of litigation, but finally, Kendra has received some justice. In her testimony, she told the court:

"I stand before the defendant alive. Despite plunging a knife in me 23 times and trying to kill me, I am alive. Despite the wicked scars he left on my body, I am alive."

And she will continue to live, while he spends his life rotting in prison for his wicked deeds.

And that's the way it should be!

Shelley has the possibility to get parole, but not for a long time coming. Until then, we hope he takes this time to really think about the terrible pain he has caused to others.

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The 40-Year-Old Virgin Actor Convicted!

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Not surprising.

Actor Shelley Malil of The 40-Year-Old Virgin has been convicted of premeditated attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and domestic violence after he attacked ex-girlfriend Kendra Beebe in a jealous rage!

Malil claimed he attacked out of fear that the man in Beebe's apartment was going to attack him, but prosecutors said Malil brought the knife with him intentionally to attack Beebe.

He faces a potential sentence of 21 years to life in prison.

A terrible crime deserves a terrible punishment!

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40-Year-Old-Virgin Actor Says He Stabbed His Wife By Mistake, He Claims


We're not sure we believe his story!!

40-Year-Old-Virgin's Shelley Malil testified in court on Thursday saying he mistakenly stabbed his wife Kendra Beebe, thinking she was someone else going after him in the dark.

Sitting on the witness stand, he told the jury:

"I'm sorry. I had no idea. I saw the pictures (of her wounds) for the first time, I was stunned. When I look at those pictures, I still can't believe the knife I was holding was responsible for all those injuries."

The actor thought he was stabbing his wife's friend David Maldonado, in defense, after Malil claimed he thought Maldonado was coming after him with a gun.

Malil went on to describe that night:

"I heard the chair behind me backing up. I reach for the knife… I grab half the handle and he's pulling my arm, and I'm pulling away from him. I assume he's going for something else. I follow him to the kitchen. I'm almost positive this guy's got a gun and coming after me. I come around the corner. It's eerily quiet. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, I get hit from the back on the side of the head. It felt like cold granite countertop. It was going crazy. It seemed like it was going for a minute."

However, when he heard Kendra screaming, "Call 911!," he realized that he had been attacking his wife and not Maldonado.

It's hard to believe he didn't know what he was doing considering he stabbed her 20 times!!

Luckily, his wife survived the stabbing and has testified against him. He could get 21 years to life in prison.

What do U think? Do U believe his story??

[Shelley Malil in The 40-Year-Old-Virgin.]

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40 Year Old Virgin Actor Could Get 40 Years In Prison

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He could even be put away for life, depending on how the trial goes.

Shelley Malil, who played one of Steve Carell’s co-workers in The 40 Year Old Virgin, is in the midst of his trial for stabbing his ex-girlfriend, Kendra Beebe, two years ago.

Beebe testified on Tuesday. Here’s what she had to say about him:

“I felt a primal, instinctual, animal fear.”

More from Beebe:

"He said, 'Kendra, Kendra, Kendra.' … I saw a flash of silver, and he goes bang, bang, bang.”

Malil stabbed her three times in the torso, and a grand total of 20 times that night, back in 2008. He has pleaded not guilty to his charges of premeditated attempted assault, residential burgulary, and assault with a deadly weapon.

Malil’s lawyer’s defense is that on the dark patio, where the stabbings took place, Shelley thought he was fighting against David Maldonado, a local musician who Beebe has been hanging out with.

Guess we won't be seeing Malil in Judd Apatow's next movie or any other movies ever again.

Do U think Malil should be put away for 40 years? Less? More?

[Shelley Malil in The 40 Year Old Virgin.]

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