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Chris Brown Breezes By The Law AGAIN! Will Not Be Charged By Authorities In Frank Ocean Brawl!

chris brown charges

Well, folks, we imagine that Chris Brown must be breathing one giant sight of relief this morning!

Because even with the evidence still mounting against him in regards to his involvement in the Westlake Studios brawl that left Frank Ocean's hand cut and unable to play a guitar properly for his upcoming performance at the Grammys, the chronically-rage-prone singer has once again escaped legal trouble!

The channel.Orange crooner already established that he would rather take the high road then formally press charges for the attack, which came as a result over a disagreement regarding parking space, and it appears that law enforcement seems to be of the same mentality!

A spokesperson for the El Lay County Sheriff's Department confirmed that it's VERY unlikely that Breezy will get slapped with a misdemeanor battery charge!

However, they STILL

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Natalie Wood's Mysterious Death Case Has Been Reopened

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natalie wood case reopens

We certainly weren't expecting this.

Yesterday, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department announced that they are reopening Natalie Wood's 1981 death case.

Natalie drowned while boating off Santa Catalina Island, and it was deemed an accident at the time…but now we're hearing that MAY not be the case.

Here's what the Sheriff's Department had to say about it:

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Paparazzo Files Battery Report Against Demi Moore!


Demi Moore cannot catch a break!

A photographer has filed a battery report against the actress, after he claimed that she struck him as he tried to snap some pics of her!

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La Lohan Is Allowed Visitors During House Arrest, NOT Undergoing Blood Or Alcohol Testing!

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Good lord, is she one lucky bitch.

As we've reported, Lindsay Lohan surrendered herself to Lynwood Correctional Facility this morning at 5am, where she was fitted with an electronic ankle monitor bracelet and ordered to begin her 35-day sentence under house arrest in Venice - and according to a law enforcement source, even though she's technically an inmate of the El Lay Sheriff's Department, she's allowed to have as many visitors during that time as she wants!

As spokesperson Steve Whitmore explained:

“Miss Lohan came over for a booking this morning around 5am where it was determined that she was eligible for her ankle monitor. The Los Angeles County Probation Department recommended that she was eligible for her to do 35 days of home detention also. She will be paying for this out of her own pocket. Miss Lohan arrived in a black SUV this morning with her attorney and she was co-operative and professional. She left after about an hour and she currently has her ankle monitor.”

Under the terms of her house arrest, she is not allowed to leave the property. Her ankle bracelet is connected to her phone, which is being monitored as well by the Sheriff's Department.

However, she is NOT currently undergoing any blood or alcohol testing.

Let's hope she uses this time to really think about her mistakes, and doesn't just take advantage of the lucky break to go on a 35 day bender!

Fingers crossed she can keep her shiz together!

[Image via WENN.]

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Lindsay Lohan Likely To Receive 120 14 Days In Jail On House Arrest!

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Lindsay Lohan sweet

This gurl is LUCKY!

Earlier we reported that Lindsay Lohan is basically in the clear of any jail time ON TOP of her 120 days already sentenced AND she would most likely be serving her sentence at home on house arrest.

Now, the L.A. County Sheriff's office says that the actress is eligable for early release, EVEN if she serves her prison sentence at home!

How early? Only by about…106 days!

Yeap. It's being predicted that she'll only serve about 14 days of her 120 day prison sentence AT HOME with an electronic monitoring device around her ankle.

If we could have one superpower, it would be to have La Lohan's uncanny ability to get out of trouble! LOLz!

Let's hope she never has to use her power ever again!

[Image via WENN.]

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