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Guy Gets Arrested For Shooting At The Moon With A Handgun! OMG Is The Moon Okay?!


Shoot for the Moon and you'll land amongst the other people in your jail cell!

In Prescott Valley, Arizona, a 39-year old guy named Cameron Frank Read, perhaps angry after having just watched Apollo 13 or Transformers: Dark of the Moon, apparently decided to reenact the miniseries From The Earth to the Moon, only switching out lunar modules with bullets.

No word yet on whether the Moon suffered any critical damage in this blatant attack by Earthlings.

Cameron's girlfriend called police after he started firing his handgun into the sky and taking aim at Earth's natural satellite.

Apparently, she and her teenage son heard Cameron talk about Halley's comet, and shortly after that he fired a shot out the window!

Yeah, Cameron! Who wants to wait 75-76 years for a dumb comet to come around?! Stick it to the man!

After firing more shots in the biggest "eff you" to space ever, officers had to

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Father Shoots Dog And Opens It Up To Retrieve Son's Pinky Finger!

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Wow. Now that's fatherly love!

We feel bad for the dog, though.

After realizing that his son Fernando Brignoni had his pinky finger bitten off by a dog, Florida man Luis Brignoni Sr shot and killed the dog.

This unfortunate situation did not manifest for revenge reasons though, but rather because

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Gun Tragedy! 12-Year-Old Boy Accidentally Shoots Baby Brother!

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There will never be another Merry Christmas for the family of one 10-year-old.

Check out the video (above) to hear the whole heartbreaking tale of poor Alfreddie Gipson and his tragic death at the hands of his own brother.

This is the saddest Christmas story we've ever heard! And all because two young boys were able to get their hands on a gun!

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Father Accidentally Shoots His Son In A NON Fatal Incident!

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Talk about lady luck looking out for you!

A father and his son were on a hunting trip, doing as they do, when the father tripped and accidentally shot his son in the head with a shotgun.

Even more outrageous is the boy lived!

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Dad Shoots Daughter's Laptop After She Complains About Chores On Facebook!!


Do NOT mess with this dad!!

A 15-year-old teenage girl posted a message on her Facebook wall complaining about working too hard when she has to do really difficult chores like "making her bed" and "washing her dirty dishes."

She even went as far to say that her parents should PAY HER for completing her chores.

WELL! Little did she know that, even though she blocked her parents from her FB wall, her IT dad was still able to find the message.

So, what does he do? He posts a YouTube video response to her complaints, THEN HOLY HELL OMG, HE SHOOTS HER LAPTOP WITH A .45.

Then, tells her she owes him money for the bullets he used.

Normally, we would not condone violence or gun use of any kind, but this dad (who's kind of a DILF, BTW) seems like a good father who provides for his children - and all he asks is for a little respect.

She totally deserved this. Wonder if she wishes she could take back everything she wrote.


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