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Animal Activists Get Chinese Circus Shut Down!

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Chinese circus shut down for animal cruelty!!

Believe it or not, China regulations ban animal performances in circuses.

Though that doesn't stop illegal circuses from still having them.

The Jinan Animal Carnival Festival had promotional materials that made it look like there were fire juggling bears, goat riding monkeys and tigers riding horses.

That all sounds ahmayzing for a cartoon or something but ridiculously dangerous and cruel in real life.

Animal rights activists estimate that hundreds of these illegal performances go on each year!

A member of an animal protection group in Asia that's been documenting the use of animals in shows said:

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Britney Spears Demands That Congress Get Back To Work Bitch!

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boehner gavel1Britney Spears gave Congress the biggest shut down since…well, since they shut down the government!

We're officially in Day 2 of the government furlough which has sent 800,000 employees home without a paycheck, and this drives Britney cray-zee!

Britney Spears made it clear on Twitter that she wants Congress to work it hard, like it's their profession (which it is), to reach a deal on the budget:

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Paul McCartney Shuts Down Hollywood Boulevard For EPIC Jimmy Kimmel Live Performance! Watch HERE!!

Jimmy Kimmel shut down Hollywood Boulevard last night for the first show of his two-day concert series in El Lay.

Last night's act was none other than Sir Paul McCartney who performed the free show for Jimmy Kimmel Live on the roof of the El Capitan Theatre.

Viewers of the show only saw two of the songs that the original frontman of The Beatles performed, but the 10,000+ crowd were treated to 13 additional songs, making that 15 tracks total!


Out of those 15, only three were from his new album, the rest were all well-known Beatles or Wings hits.

Ending the concert with a bang, the legendary showman played "Let It Be" and "Hey Jude" one right after another.


Ch-ch-check out the performance of "New" (above)!!!

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Flavor Flav's Fried Chicken Joint REOPENED! Rejoice!

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flavor flav fried chicken ribs joint close evicted reopen legal issues landlord drama

We're not sure why anyone would even try and close the doors over at Flavor Flav's Chicken & Ribs, because you can't just stop something as awesome as that! But that's what happened when Flav's landlord shut it down and evicted him.

It's just too bad for the landlord that the restaurant has been given the go-ahead to re-open just ONE DAY after the shut down!

You see, Flav's attorneys filed a Motion to Stay the eviction, saying they weren't told about a court hearing on the matter until AFTER the hearing had been held. Which is a pretty big no-no! So a judge agreed!

The eviction has been postponed until attorneys for both sides can have another hearing — as long as the restaurant pays one month's rent of $3,500. The landlord seems to think that the restaurant owes $20k in back rent, but Flav's business partners say it's because there was a faulty heater releasing deadly carbon monoxide — maybe the landlord kept refusing to fix it? How are they allowed to stay open if that's happening?!

Whatever, just clear it up! We don't need the courts any more tied up than they already are!

[Image via WENN.]

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Kanye West's New Slaves Are SHUT DOWN In Houston By The Police!

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Looks like the Houston Police Department REFUSED to embrace the gospel according to Yeezus!

Kanye West has been hard at work premiering music from his upcoming album in a pretty unique way - his new single, New Slaves, premiered via videos projected on the sides of buildings on various cities across the world last week, and last night, he announced that he would be doing it again in NEW locations…including the Rothko Chapel, Central Library downtown and the George Bush Monument in Houston, TX!

However, local fans of the rapper ended up

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Snoop's Pot-Filled 4/20 Party SHUT DOWN By Police!

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snoop 420 busted

Between this and the tragic events in Denver yesterday, we guess no stoners had a happy 4/20 holiday!

Not even Snoop Dogg Lion!

The weed-loving, recently reincarnated rapper attempted to throw what was being promoted as "Snoop Lion 420 Festival" at his Hollywood Hills mansion, but almost immediately after its 11am starting time, the police were called to shut it down!

Apparently, Snoop's neighbors weren't too pleased with the amount of noise and cars cluttering their street!

Worse yet, he

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Disney Essentially Guts Hand-Animation Department!

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disney hand animation layoff department shut down sad

It sucks that we now live in a world where hand-drawn animation is no longer a part of Disney's game plan!

While we're not shocked that this happened with the slew of computer animated movies that come out each year, we would hope that for nostalgia sake that Disney would keep a part of their history going — and the quality has always been there with the hand-drawn animators anyway, so it isn't like their products were going down hill!

According to former Disney animator Tom Bancroft, who hopped on Twitter to unleash the saddening announcement to the world, Disney laid off

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