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Justin Bieber's Furious Over Miley Cyrus' Sensible Advice?! The Nasty Advice He Threw Back At Her Is Proving He's A Bad Boy!

justin miley feud

And we don't mean that in a seXXXy, naughty, bad boy way!

We thought Miley Cyrus was giving Justin Bieber some legit legal advice, but according to inside sources, the Biebs doesn't feel the same!

During her January 30th appearance on The Tonight Show, Mileybird suggested Justin devote a small fraction of his gazillions of dollars to paying people to keep him out of trouble!

Sounded like sound reasoning to us!

But a source close to Justin says he took the words as a personal insult! One he couldn't wait to blast Miley back over! The source says:

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McDonalds Might Do What They Should Have Done Years Ago: BREAKFAST ALL DAY!

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mcdonalds breakfast all day fast food business money shut up amazing

If we could live in a world where McDonalds served breakfast all day, it would be a much brighter and friendlier place to call planet Earth!


While still not the healthiest option, (like, ever) McDonald's breakfast is okay to indulge in once in a blue moon — and if they had breakfast all day, those cravings would be easier to fill! You know, instead of it being 11:30 am and you're now in a bad mood because McD's arbitrarily cuts off their Egg McMuffin making at 10:30 (or 11:00 in some areas)!


When asked if there was potential to serve the better part of the menu all day, the President and CEO of the company said this:

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Lindsay Lohan REJECTS Charlie Sheen As Mentor, Wants Him To SHUT The F*CK UP!

lindsay lohan rejects charlie sheens help

Lindsay Lohan will HAPPILY take his money, but girl does NOT want to be the Karate Kid to Charlie Sheen's Mr. Miyagi!

The Anger Management star and notorious former badboy recently expressed interest in acting as mentor/life-coach to Our Lady of Perpetual Chaos, seeing as he's experienced similar troubles in HIS life…

But Lilo does NOT want that kind of help from Sheen, and apparently would rather he just SHUT UP about her to the press!

Which is rather ungrateful seeing as Charlie has offered Lilo employment, AND lent Lindz TONS of cash moniez to pay off taxes and wear sparkly amFAR dresses.

But, Lindsay is reportedly seeing

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Bill O'Reilly Says Glee Encourages Kids To Experiment With 'Alternative Lifestyles'

WTF!! What does that even mean??

Bill O'Reilly is at again.

The Fox News host was discussing Glee saying that it was a "good show" with "lots of talent," but then went on to say that it encouraged experimentation with "alternative lifestyles."

His guest Jeanine Pirro then responded with:

"Do you really think this kind of thing is contagious?"

See his answer (above).

Ugh, he just infuriates us.

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Boo-Hoo, Lily!


Oh, for goodness sake, AGAIN, you ungrateful hack?!

Lily Allen is once again shitting all over her success as a musician, and claims that she quit because the industry is just too negative!

She whined:

"I feel like a naughty kid that's just dropped out of school. People think it's amazing being a popstar, but for all the good things that happen, you end up getting burnt, sad and losing a sense of who you are. I want to do something I love with real value, that will work with me having kids."

Maybe if you had a better attitude, bitch, you wouldn't have been so effing miserable!

Let's hope you don't decide you feel the same way about being a parent in a year or two!

You can't quit kids, bb!


[Image via WENN.]

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Kat Von D Can't Stop Talking About Jesse James!

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Oh, shut it already!

Kat Von D was asked if she thought new boyfriend Jesse James is "The One" and she replied, "I believe he is, so yeah."

She adds:

“It’s pretty obvious that we’re dating. It’s actually very new. Although, I’ve known Jesse for a long time, since I was 22-years-old. We’ve been friends forever and this is definitely something that I think we weren’t expecting, and it’s been great.”

She believes he's "The One" after being in a new relationship? Is she in junior high?!

Kat also thinks people should mind their own business saying:

“I think that it’s just a shame that people are interested in something that’s not so important to them. I think there’s a lot more positive things we could focus on and I urge everybody not to buy tabloids and watch TV, but that’s just me.”

This is Hollywood, honey!

Your business is EVERYONE'S business!

[Image via WENN.]

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