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Justin Bieber's Mug Shot, Part Two: The Infinite Sadness

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justin bieber mug shot part two side sadness

Is Justin Bieber happy about being arrested?

In his previous mugshot, the biebs looked positively gleeful, making us wonder if he was more excited about the boost to his street cred than he was worried about his future!

But this new side pic seems to show a bit more reflection.

Is Justin thinking twice about his choices? We certainly hope so. These are the kind of consequences that aren't so easy to live down.

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Katy Perry Put Away The Whipped Cream Bra & Put Her Vulnerability On Display For Prism

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unconditionally gifs 5

It looks like Katy Perry is taking a few pages out of Taylor Swift's song book!

There's no doubt that Prism has a different, more mature sound than Katy's candy-coated Teenage Dream album!

The Unconditionally singer has been receiving positive feedback on Prism and she revealed her secret trick to becoming more relatable!

Katy dished:

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Katy Perry talks baring her soul for Prism!Katy Perry talks baring her soul for Prism!Katy Perry talks baring her soul for Prism!Katy Perry talks baring her soul for Prism!Katy Perry talks baring her soul for Prism!

Gloria Steinem Chooses Sinead O'Connor Over Miley Cyrus In Epic Celebrity Feud!

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While we're sure Miley Cyrus didn't mean to start a war, the celebrity feud between her and Sinead O'Connor is still ongoing, and it looks like Sinead has received a powerful ally!

Gloria Steinem, one of the most influential feminists of all time, has weighed in on this transatlantic tiff:

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Justin Bieber Stands By Dad's Side After His Surgery!

justin bieber and his pops

What a good boy!

Justin Bieber flew all the way up to Ontario, Canada where his dad Jeremy Bieber lives - just to be with his pops during a time of need!

His father had surgery on knee and anyone who has had surgery knows - you're basically helpless after most procedures!

But he got some love from his most famous child!

Here's what his dad tweeted:

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Kanye West Is A Doting Daddy! Refuses To Leave Kim Kardashian's Side!


Kanye West ain't going anywhere!!!

The entertaining rapper has been by Kim Kardashian's side since she went into labor until she popped out their little lady!

The reason why he refuses to leave her side?

He wants to

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Guess The Celebrity!


Which Disney starlet did a little shopping in West Hollywood this afternoon and decided, "Eh! Who needs a bra! Not me!"

Perhaps she didn't realize how big the shirt was on her. Perhaps she didn't care! But we think a sight like this should've been saved for her hungry, hungry — and delicious — BF.

Can U guess who it is?! Find out … AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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