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Santa Monica Restaurant Has Bugs! On The Menu?! And It's Good For You?!

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Ewwwwwwwwwwww…..but delicious?!?!

Thai Foon in SaMo is one of the many American restaurants that serve tasty, crunchy, insect-y treats on the menu.

Their selection includes scorpions, silkworms, and crickets…and believe it or not, these dishes are actually a lot healthy than other meats!

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Fungus-Encrusted Silkworms Treat Impotency?!

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That is the rumor - and people are paying big money for them!

At about $800 an ounce, older men are on the hunt for the dead bodies of silkworms to cure impotency. There is no immediate reaction, but a little every day is said to put a pep in your step.

The drug known as "yarsagumba" or "dong chong xia cao" is called Himalayan Viagra. These insects come from Nepal, where they are att
attacked by the beige fungus, cordyceps sinensis, that kills and entombs them.

Thomas Leung, owner of Chinese herbal pharmacy, Kamwo, said:

"It's like the ultimate invasion of the body snatchers. It would cost you about $200 per serving. It's hard to come by, and the demand for it is very high because of there's a lot of hype."

The worms are picked by peasants and even children in the isolated villages along the Annapurna trail.

But it is not without controversy! Competition for the insects have led to violence, including mobs murdering poachers.

Leung adds that the sudden interest may be based on folklore as opposed to serious Eastern medicine. The substance has be used to treat lung and kidney problems for centuries.

He added:

"The kidneys are responsible for sexual and reproductive functions, so people kind of stretch that and say, 'Well if you consume this, you'll have that.'
Very few people who sell this are going to tell you that, because they want to keep the hype up.

People always ask, 'Is it really that good?' And I say, 'It's not $800 good.'"

Ha. There you have it! Just crazy.

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