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It's Pi Day!! Watch 16 Celebrities Getting Pies To The Face In Honor Of This Momentous Day!

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three stooges pi day pie gallery

It's 3/14, people! And y'all know what that means, right? It's Pi Day!!

No, we're NOT talking about the warm and tasty dessert your grandma used to make for you! We're talking about Pi, the irrational number that represents the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter! DUH!!

You know, 3.14159265359!!! LOLZ MATHSSS!

But seeing as math is hard and pie is delicious, we thought we'd go ahead and celebrate the first one instead!!

And is there any better way to celebrate than watching some of our favorite celebrities taking a tasty pie right to their face? The correct answer is no, there isn't!!

CLICK HERE to see 16 Celebrities Getting Pies To The Face For Pi Day!

CLICK HERE to see 16 Celebrities Getting Pies To The Face For Pi Day!

CLICK HERE to see 16 Celebrities Getting Pies To The Face For Pi Day!

CLICK HERE to see 16 Celebrities Getting Pies To The Face For Pi Day!

CLICK HERE to see 16 Celebrities Getting Pies To The Face For Pi Day!

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From Beauty To Beast! Guess Which Celeb's Famous Daughter Is Behind This Horrifying Mask!

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guess the celeb scary mask leatherface twitter pic 1

She's considered one of the most stunning up and coming models, and just turned 18 a few months ago — but clearly she still has a sharp sense of humor!

She happens to be the daughter of a tv and movie veteran, one who recently and very publicly retired.

Her name that is also a beautiful place filled with history and cool lore.


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Tindergarten: The Tinder App For 6-Year-Olds Who Want To Avoid Cooties! So What If It's Fake! Is It A Good Idea??

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tindergarten tinder kids app love cooties

Dating apps aren't just for people 100 years old! They're also for the young crowd, those who don't want to have to get cootie shots!

You know, like 6-year-olds!

Tindergarten is an app that can help the little ones find adorable little boyfriends or girlfriends with or without cooties. Plus you can just stay away from the icky icky ones!

Their motto leaves us speechless:

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Human Vs. Robot: Who Will Win The Tennis Table Match?!

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We’re definitely team human, but does he stand a chance against the robot?!

Robot maker Kuka pitted the fastest robot in the world, their Agilus model, against table tennis legend Timo Boll in a ping pong battle royale!

When things started out, it looked like Kuka had Boll’s number, running the score up 6-0! But then Boll made a shocking comeback!

Hit ‘Play’ above to see who was the victor!

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"Linda, Listen!" - Watch Toddler Unleash Epic Talk-Back To Mom Who Won't Let Him Have Cupcakes For Dinner!

toddler cupcake mom argue dinner back talk

We know that not every little kid has manners — but that IS when you should be instilling them! They're learning!

We're pretty shocked at how bold this little guy is! As cute as he is, and how funny it is to hear him call his mom Linda (and honey), we can't help but feel like this isn't how things should be!

Granted, we know nothing outside of this moment. Maybe he just really wanted a cupcake and this kind of tactic doesn't happen all the time? Though the title of the video would lead us to think otherwise!

Either way, it's a video worth watching and talking about! It'll make you smile at least once, that's for sure!

Check it out (below)! What do U think??

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Wait, This Is A Coupon For WHAT?? This Is Either The Best Or Worst Thing — YOU Decide!

Otha's in Brooklyn has a great deal for you!

Saving money is the name of the game, and some people go ALL OUT couponing.

Some spend hours trying to find the best deals, and coupons that will work together to save them the most money. It's all about finding the right clipping.

They'd be kicking themselves if they missed this one:

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Lena Dunham Lets The GIRLS Out On SNL For THIS Biblical Skit!

We saw this coming!

Lena Dunham has made quite a place for herself among Hollywood’s most nekkid celebs, so of course she stripped down again for Saturday Night Live!

The GIRLS actress reprised her role as Hannah, except she was acting as Eve in the new Biblical spoof trailer! And of course ‘Adam’ was there too (above)! Ha!

For her monologue, Lena got lots of laughs, talking about her show

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