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Simon Doonan Is A Blasphemer! Says Michelle Obama Is NOT Chic!

simon doonan michelle obama chic

Say what???

Fashion peeps simply cannot stop talking about Michelle Obama's style, and Simon Doonan is the latest to offer up his two cents.

The Barneys creative ambassador-at-large was recently asked if he thinks FLOTUS is chic. He replied:

"She dresses appropriately. I don't think of her as being chic. As a public servant you can never appear to be chic. You need to look kind."

Though he certainly has a point about dressing appropriately as a politician, we just can't believe he doesn't think MObama is chic. She may not be a fashionista/clotheshorse like Sarah Jessica Parker or Anna Dello Russo (that would be WILD!), but she is always stylin'.

If anything we'd say she's very chic, but in an understated way.

Ch-ch-check out some of the first lady's chicest looks in the gallery (below)!

Do U agree with what Simon says???

[Image via Caroline Torem Craig/Johnny Louis/WENN.]

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Alexander Wang Hires Bon Qui Qui, Hilarity Ensues

WARNING: This video will cause you to LOL if not LYFAO.

If you ever wondered what goes on inside an Alexander Wang store, this is not it. But it’s still pretty HIGHlarious!

In this video (above), comedienne Anjelah Johnson, aka Bon Qui Qui, helps Alessandra Ambrosio, A$AP Rocky, Shannan Click, Simon Doonan and Natasha Lyonne as they peruse the NYC flagship store.

We think she deserves Employee of the Month! LOLz!

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Jonathan Adler Goes From Interior Designer To Handbag Designer

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jonathan adler handbag launch

There are plenty of homes already filled with Jonathan Adler's signature "happy chic" furnishings, but now closets can be filled with his handbags too!

Over the weekend Adler and his husband Simon Doonan celebrated the launch of the new accessories line by hosting an intimate dinner with close friends at their Greenwich Village residence.

Jonathan's BFF and fellow designer Liz Lange made an appearance and revealed she was "slightly terrified" about his decision to design handbags.

She explained:

"I am a huge bag snob. If it’s not Hermès, I don’t want to wear it. It took me years to accept that Fendi was sort of an upscale brand. I knew I was maybe going to have to carry the bags. Nothing could have inspired more fear in me — except maybe if he was launching shoes. Now that I’ve seen the bags, I think that maybe he could design shoes."

Friendship at its finest!

The bags, priced between $38 for a clutch and $250 for tote, are already available on Jonathan Adler's e-commerce site with more to come in fall.

Take a look at some of his handbag creations in the gallery (below) and tell us what U think!

[Image via Flashpoint/WENN.]

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Paper Gets Nicki Minaj To Go Green


Nicki Minaj is following up her pink Wonderland cover by going green for Paper's spring fashion issue.

Simon Doonan interviewed the eccentric singer, who was wearing only a pink thong and t-shirt, over the phone and talked about fashion of course!

Here are some HIGHlights:

On what she was thinking while sitting next to Anna Wintour at Fashion Week:

"I was screaming out loud inside my head. Me sitting next to the Queen of Vogue! It was such a strange experience. I felt like I was dreaming. And I thought she would be snobby or something. But she was so incredibly sweet to me."

On her biggest style icons:

"Grace Jones definitely. So amazing. And Cyndi Lauper, I loved her right from when I was a little girl. And Janet Jackson of course. And Boy George. I always loved the way he dressed, and his music too."

Simon ended the interview by thanking Nicki for giving "all the stupid hoes of the world" a voice. LOLz!

[Images courtesy of Paper.]

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Quote Of The Day


"If you glue a ton of fake blonde hair and spray tan, and then put on some porno shoes and a tight dress, um yea you're gonna look kind of like you work in 'the industry,' but you're also gonna look like every other tart on TV."

-Simon Doonan to Slate magazine on "porno chic".

[Image via C Smith/WENN.]

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Jonathan Adler: It Really Does Get Better!

Filed under: Inspiration

Simon Doonan's husband, interior designer Jonathan Adler, has made an It Gets Better video.

In his short video, Adler shares his past experiences and how we can ALL make it better.

Check out Jonathan's message (above)!

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New York Fashion Week's Most Bizarre


Simon Doonan is never one to censor himself when it comes to, well, anything and that's why we love him!

In his column for Slate, Barney's creative ambassador-at-large talks about all the ridiculous things he saw at New York Fashion Week.

Here are some HIGHlights:

How much is that frock on the runway? Imagine spending a day looking at real estate or sports cars without having any price information whatsoever. Inconceivable, right? Not in the world of fashion. All manner of random information is provided to we show attendees (and wee show attendees like petit moi) on the line sheets that adorn each seat: hairdresser credits, models' names, arcane sources of inspiration, everything except the only tidbit which really matters: THE PRICE! Let's face it, if that party frock retails for $650 it's pretty groovy. At $4,678 it should be horribly ashamed of itself and screech its way back down the runway. Naughty frock!

Paging Helen Keller. The deafening, dismal, atonal music at fashion shows—it's so loud it makes my floral shirt-cuffs vibrate on my butch little wrists—would force normal people to cower under their seats and cover their ears. Terrified of appearing uncool, the fashion flock wordlessly endures this torture, while the last vestiges of its hearing are destroyed.

Hello. I love you. Oh! Hello again! At every show, attendees screech and air kiss even though they just saw each other half an hour before at a previous show. The fashion world convenes and reconvenes and re-reconvenes at runway shows in a way that can only guarantee the spread of malicious gossip and horrible germs.

Look! There's Gary Coleman's neighbor! What constitutes a celeb at a fashion show is so elastic as to be deranged. At some shows I am blinded by flashbulbs and deafened by shouts of "Simon! Simon!" whilst at others I am trampled by paparazzi as they try to get a shot of some chippy who has even less wattage than me and has yet to make it onto Gloria Allred's rolodex.


Wanna know what else Simon can't stand?

CLICK HERE to find out!!!

[Image via C Smith/WENN.]

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