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Simon Pegg Conquers Spider Fear For His Baybay Gurl!

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Simon Pegg, like many before and after him, suffered from arachnophobia.

So when a spider entered the room, Simon left the room!

But now that he has kiddies, the actor has conquered his fear of spiders, especially for the sake of his two year old, Matilda.

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Simon Pegg's Brand New Trailer A Fantastic Fear Of Everything

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Simon Pegg is one of the funniest actors working in television.

From cult classics such as Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz to huge blockbusters like Mission Impossible 3 & 4 and Star Trek - Pegg always seems to deliver the funny.

Which explains why we are SO excited for Pegg's new movie, A Fantastic Fear Of Everything!

The title is great, the trailer has some crazy vivid images, plus Pegg is looking just petrified as a children's writer who thinks a serial killer is after him. We think this movie has some serious potential to be amazing!

But don't take our word for it. See the video for yourself (above!)

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New Clip From Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol!

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A new clip from Mission: Impossible 4 has hit the web!

The 1 minute clip features Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg and it's actually quite funny.

See for yourself in the clip (above)!

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The Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol Trailer Is Here!

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We've been skeptical about this one, but we'll admit this preview has got some cool moments.

Check out the newly released trailer (above) for Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, starring Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner.

More than anything else, we're actually pumped about this flick's cast of supporting characters! Simon Pegg and LOST's Josh Holloway in a Mission Impossible movie? Yes please!

What do U think of this trailer? Will U see Tom's new MI flick next December?

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Chris Martin And Simon Pegg Perform… Together!

So cool!

Watch the video above to see the insanely talented Chris Martin from Coldplay jam out a session of Green Eyes with the charming Simon Pegg on the harmonica!

They sounded pretty great! We think it's time for a collab album, that's for sure!

We mean, Chris and Simon already collab'd on Shaun of the Dead together! They've done the movie, time for the music! Ha!

Totally check out the rest of the pics from the secret performance at the Boogaloo in London!

[Images via WENN.]

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Paula Patton Cast In Mission: Impossible!

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Paula Patton was cast over rumored contenders Lauren German and Kristen Kreuk for the upcoming Mission: Impossible film!

She'll play the young operative working alongside Tom Cruise's character Ethan Hunt and also join actors Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner on the big screen.


[Image via WENN.]

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Dunst Robber A Drug Dealer???

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This is an interesting turn of events.

The case against the man who allegedly stole stuff from Kirsten Dunst is still going on and it's been three years!

This morning, James Jimenez's lawyer, announced that his client had permission to be on the set of the film shoot because he was the actor's drug dealer!

James' lawyer insists that Drunky and co-star Simon Pegg invited James to their greenroom to supply them with some goodies, though what kind and how much of it, he would not say

Soo, your client is a thief and a drug dealer? Exactly what did you accomplish here?!

Oh, that's right! You are also playing the "I'm uneducated" card too!

So then, it was a combination of stupidity and drugs that kept you from knowing you were robbing the place? That is your defense?!

Welcome to America!

Oh, and stay tuned for these shenangins to continue next week as Kiki is set to testify! That should be good!

[Image via WENN.]

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