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Ann Coulter Debates Single Motherhood With Jillian Michaels

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Ugh! This woman drives us CRAZY! (Not in a good way like Brit Brit either!)

Ann Coulter joined The Doctors to debate the controversial question, "Are single moms bad moms?"

The outspoken conservative commentator lead off her argument with, "The question is 'can single moms be good dads' and they can not."

The comment immediately sets off psychologist Wendy Walsh who cites research that "one stable, good parent is better than two unstable parents."

Fitness guru Jillian Michaels then challenges Coulter's argument by citing her own experience being raised by a poor excuse for a father. Without her strong mother, she says, "I wouldn't be sane today."

Such a good argument! It's not the number of parents children have that matter, but the amount of love and attention they receive!

Of course, Ann can't be bothered with logic and instead quotes "scientific evidence" that 90% of all "prisoners, jeuvanile delinquents, suicides, runaways are all the children of single moms."

First off, what Snapple cap did she get that "fact" from? We don't trust that figure for A SECOND!

Did Ann ever stop to think that perhaps these "delinquents" turned out the way they did because of external factors? You know, like poverty, abuse, violence, or even mental disorders?

It's entirely unfair to generalize and blame single parents because there are PLENTY out there who are doing a fantastic job raising their children!

Ann's absurdity doesn't stop there, so check out the debate above and let us know if you agree or disagree with her argument!

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