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Sit For A Living?? Try This Exercise!

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There's a very good chance that as you're reading this you're sitting in a chair.

We're pretty sure it's a science fact that over 100 billion people are sitting right now. JK! LOLz!

But for serious, you guys, sitting for as long as most people do isn't healthy.

Thank goodness professional trainer Jeremy Frisch knows how to help, saying:

"We sit so much. We sit at breakfast, we sit while driving to work. Being in that position all day, your glutes and hamstrings are never contracted."

So he came up with a new exercise to help compensate for that: the Crab Hip Hold!

Hit your weak spots by trying out the move!

Check out the video (above) to learn how to do the Crab Hip Hold!

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Sitting More Than Three Hours A Day Can Shave Two Years Off Your Life!

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We're screwed. LOLz!

Various studies are increasingly proving that sitting on your butt all day is dangerous — which is exactly what we're doing right now. Bummer!

Even scarier, however, is that each new study is lowering the amount of time spent sitting and increasing the consequences!

For example, we heard in the past that sitting for six hours a day can be deadly, then it was four, but now a study says that sitting for just three hours a day can cut two years off of our lifespan!

Peter Katzmarzyk, the lead author of the newest study, says "sitting is bad" and likens physical inactivity to smoking, adding:

“What the results mean is that we got everyone in the U.S. to sit less, our population life expectancy would be two years higher, so instead of living to 78.5, we would be expected to live to 80.5 years old. That’s a really big deal.”

Want to keep those two years, but are stuck at a desk all day? Try working while standing or take breaks to walk around the office. Take a walk outside during your lunch break and make sure to exercise once you're off the clock!

[Image via WENN.]

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Frog Chills On A Bench…Like A HUMAN!

Filed under: Wacky, Tacky & TrueSilly!YouTubeFrog

Do we have a real life Michigan J. Frog on our hands?! LOLz!

A Youtuber caught a frog chillaxin on a bench, lovin' the breezy day.

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Chloe Grace Moretz's Adorbz Dog

Filed under: TwitterCuteness!Dog


Chloe Grace Moretz posted the cutest pic of her pooch on twitter.

She wrote:

"Casual my dog justsits on our chair like a human <3"


Looks like you snuck up and snapped that photo just in time.

What a cute doggy!

Also… is it just us or does he kinda blend in with that room?

[Image courtesy Chloë Grace Moretz.]

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Sitting Is Really, Really Bad For You

Filed under: FitnessHealth


Especially for long periods of time.

Okay, sure, sitting is comfortable and is sometimes fun (like in the above picture), but it's not that great for you.

The American Journal of Preventive Medicine is dedicating their entire August issue to the "many aspects of the problem of sedentary behavior" because something needs to change.

Since we're glued to our computers, nowadays, our lifestyle has become sedentary. Basically, we live on a chair. Or a bed - which is bad for the back and the heart.

Experts say that adjustable desks should do the trick. However, those can be costly, so why not just use crates and books to make your computer monitor adjustable at eye level? Standing up every 30 minutes can do wonders for your circulation.

Or maybe just go for a walk.

[Image via WENN.]

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Office Workers Beware! Sitting Can Kill You!

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We hope you appreciate this, because we risked our lives by sitting in front of the computer to get this message out to you.

According to results of a long-term study, spending too much time sitting down can shorten your lifespan.

Results showed that women were at a higher risk of sitting-related-death, so you might want to bail on those high heels, since you’ve basically got a death wish if you sit through 8 hours at the office.

We wonder how this bleak news will affect life at the office. Here are some of our concerns:

-Will we all become hunchbacks from standing and leaning at our desks? Would we even prefer to live longer as freaks of nature?

-Are we going to spend inordinate amounts of time standing around the watercooler out of fear of returning to our desks? At least the TV industry will benefit, because we’ll have to watch many more shows so we’ll have things to talk about for hours on end.

-How will cigarette smokers cope with the fact that they’re shortening their life span when they sit down and when they go on cig breaks? Will their workplace morale drop drastically?

-What’s the most lethal way to sit? Will we die a little less soon if we cross our legs at the ankles?

How will you cope with this devastating news?

[Image via WENN.]

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