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Russian Militant Groups Target Gay Teens For Public Torture — Police Have Done Nothing

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Looks like there will be no Benedict Cumberbatch-officiated weddings in Russia any time soon.

This is sincerely very heartbreaking.

Maxim Martsinkevich, well-known Russian nationalist and allegedly former skinhead, is leading a violent anti-gay movement in his home country that is specifically targeting teenage boys through a social network site called VK.com.

Martsinkevich — who is also known by the nickname “Tesak” (“Cleaver” in English) — calls the projects Occupy Pedophilyaj and Occupy Gerontilyaj. The supposed objective of the movements is to sniff out pedophiles, but the resulting action has been deceiving and abusing gay teens who are dating online.

Although the militant groups following Martsinkevich are illegal, the anti-gay sentiment in the country has been institutionalized. In addition to

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WTF? Mixed Race Woman Marrying White Supremacist Murder Suspect ON Hitler's Birthday

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woman marrying white supremacist on hitlers birthday

This is absurd!

Half Hispanic/Half Hawaiian woman Erica Herrera is marrying white supremacist murder suspect/jailbird Curtis Allgier, and their wedding is set to take place on Hitler's birthday.

Here's what Erica had to say about her fiance:

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OJ Simpson Allegedly In Prison Infirmary After Brutal Attack!

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Comes with the territory, we guess, but still, we don't wish such violence on anyone.

The National Enquirer reports that late last month, O.J. Simpson was beaten unconscious in a brutal prison yard attack!

You'll recall that currently, O.J. is serving 33 years in prison for murder armed robbery. The Juice has been allegedly trying to make friends with the other inmates by boasting about his past life, including his relationships with beautiful white women. Unfortunately for him, during one of these conversations, a group of white supremacists overheard him bragging. They were not pleased.

According to a source, the "group of young skinheads" attacked O.J. shortly after that in the yard, knocking him to the ground and punching & kicking him, inflicting some serious pain and injuries on the former NFL star. When prison officials finally got to him, they had to rush him to the infirmary, where he has been recovering for the past three weeks!

Now, sources claim that O.J. is so scared, he rarely leaves his cell.

Wow. We're sure he's terrified.

Violence is never the answer and while we don't condone any of the things he's done, we still hope he finds some solace in this place. Doesn't seem likely, but we'll hope for the best for him.

[Image via AP Images.]

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Is Jesse James A White Supremacist, Too??


Jesse James is knee-deep in some serious shiz!!

After Michelle "Bombshell" McGee revealed that she and Sandra Bullock's husband were getting all sorts of nasty together, it was reported that this skank is a white supremacist, Neo-Nazi psycho!!

Now there's speculation that James may be one himself!!

According to sources, Jesse's ex, Janine Lindemulder, a porn star and that chick on the Blink182 album cover, is currently married to Jeremy Aikman, a felon and admitted skinhead!!

And some are beginning to speculate that Jesse's logo for West Coast Choppers is based off of Germany's Iron Cross, which is notably linked to Nazi culture!!

We don't know - that's quite a few links to white supremacy!!

Poor Sandy!!

What do U think?? Is this all coincidence or do U think Jesse's a white supremacist??

[Image via WENN.]

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