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Scotland's Five Sisters Zoo Gets A Skunktastic Surpise!

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At the Five Sisters Zoo in Scotland - caretakers were totally surprised to find a pair of skunk babies in one of their exhibits…but their surprise quickly became a sort of excited glee!

And that's not all! One of the skunks is an albino!

And it's adorable!

Unfortunately, albino skunks do not have the easiest of lives, as they have poor eyes and weak immune systems. In fact, most zoo officials agree that albino skunks would NOT survive in the wild!

So, it's actually better for everyone involved that the little albino guy is under supervision.

It's better for the skunk itself, better for the zoo, which gets a rare kind of skunk, and better for us since we can see some amazing pictures!!!

Check out even more pictures of the albino and the regular skunk way down (below) !!!

[Image via : Five Sisters Zoo.]

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Super Cute Baby Skunk Is WAY Friendly!

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There are a few unwritten rules of nature that most people should know.

Number one is usually: "don't play with wild animals."

Number two should add to number one, and say: "…especially if it's a skunk!!"

Luckily, this guy and his friend disregarded all those rules and filmed themselves being chased by a little baby skunk!

It's so cute and tiny!!

The little baby seriously wouldn't leave them alone… but they knew his home was nearby!

Does the little skunk ever make it back to his family?!

Check out the video (above) to find out!

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Peaches The Skunk Celebrates Her First Birthday

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In the wild, a skunk has a life span of about 2 years.

When kept as a pet, a skunk can live to 12 years as long as you don't let it get overweight.

Here, Peaches the skunk is celebrating her first of hopefully many birthdays.

Check out the above video to see Peaches in her cute little birthday hat, eating her cupcake.


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Skunks Are So In

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Skunks are cool now

Move over tea cup pooches and mini pigs! Skunks might just be America's next pet craze.

Breeders estimate that there are around 2,000 kept as domestic pets, and demand is increasing.

Why are little Le Pew's so popular?

Owners boast that skunks posses the best parts of both cats and dog with none of the bad.

Skunks are (allegedly) incredibly affectionate and sociable like doggies, and can even be walked on a leash. And like a cats, skunks will use a litter box and can be trusted to rome both in and outside.

One skunk lover claimed,

"If they are trained properly when they are younger then there is no need to worry about them spraying."

We're waiting to make up our minds… but who's to say skunks aren't great pets?

That little boy sure looks happy.

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Pet Skunk Plays With Yorkies!

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Cute… we think.

Check out this domestic skunk, Thumper, and his yorkie brothers - but please don't scare him!

His owner is brave to let the smelly friend play in his bed.

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The Smelliest Animal In The World Is….

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Meet the only animal stinkier than the skunk itself: The zorrilla.

More commonly referred to as the Striped Polecat, this creature is considered the smelliest on Earth.

It is a member of the weasal family and closely resembles the North American skunk in appearance, but has a much stronger fragrance.

Much like a skunk, the zorrilla secretes a pungent fluid from its anal glands to protect itself from predators.

The nocturnal animal lives in rocky crevices and eats small reptiles and rodents.


Check out the video above to get an up, close, and personal view of the creature without having to smell the stench.

Although, legend has it, if you place your nose directly up against the computer monitor you can still smell the creatures faint odors seeping through the screen.

Don't believe us? Flash the lights ten times, while saying "zorrilla" and see what happens.

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