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ASPCA Research Confirms Americans Oppose The Slaughter Of Horses For Consumption

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The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) had done research and found that 80% of Americans are opposed to the slaughter of horses on US soil with the intent to eat them.

The research was a nationwide survey that showed that these Americans were from all different places and backgrounds.

And they all felt the same way.

Horse slaughter is wrong.

The ASPCA said:

"The overwhelming majority of Americans are not just against horse slaughter but are intensely opposed to this cruel practice. As more people learn that we are allowing our horses to be shuttled off to a gruesome death all for the sake of foreign gourmands, they are outraged and opposition for this grisly act is growing.

Anyone who has been to the movies lately knows the price horses have paid by carrying us to war, building our nation, and serving our entertainment and companionship needs. Americans have a responsibility to protect these intelligent, sensitive animals from being butchered."

Not only do we love horses in general and respect them for the fact that they helped us build this country, they can also suffer greatly in the slaughter house.

Biologically, horses aren't easily stunned so they are often alive and fully conscious when they are killed.

It's good to know that people at the ASPCA are working tirelessly to make horse slaughter banned once again in the US.

And with so much public support, hopefully a permanent ban is in the near future.

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Blogger Saves 1,100 Dogs Caged To Be Slaughtered!

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china blogger saves 1000 dogs

Teddy is just thrilled about this!

In China, 1,100 dogs were about to be murdered in a slaughterhouse for the sake of consumption, but thankfully a blogger stopped it from happening!!

After Peng saw the dogs being shipped in stacked cages on a flatbed truck, he wrote an online plea in hopes of saving them. And thanks to the magic of blogging and internet communication, he succeeded!

Local law enforcements were able to

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California Slaughterhouse Law Overturned By The Supreme Court

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California had a law that would require downed livestock to be euthanized to keep their meat out of our food system.

When an animal comes to a slaughterhouse and can't walk, California would make sure they were euthanized, but now a federal court has ruled that California can't amend federal laws set by the Agriculture Department's Food Safety and Inspection Service.

One of the justices said:

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Reviling Documentary Causes Australian Cattle Industry To Change It's Ways

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Props to undercover film makers!

An Australia has moved to halt the supply of live cattle to three Indonesian abattoirs after a documentary Monday revealed evidence of cruelty against animals shipped there for slaughter.

The documentary, A Bloody Business, has footage of cattle suffering, including having their eyes gouged, tails broken and throats hacked in four slaughterhouses in Indonesia.

After viewing the footage, the Australian livestock export industry body LiveCorp said it had asked the Indonesian industry to stop supplying Australian cattle to three of these facilities.

Viewers of the documentary described the scenes as horrific, disgusting, shocking and unbearable to watch.

There are some clips from the documentary in the video above. We only suggest watching it if you have a strong stomach.

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Flock of Sheep Escape From A Slaughterhouse!

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A flock of sheep along with some cows and goats too made a run for it on Tuesday night.

At the Lackawana Halal Market in the New York town of Lackawana a door had been left open which allowed these animals to escape.

It is unsure if an employee had accidentally left the door open or if someone had tried to break in.

The slaughterhouse had opened this summer amid a lot of protesting from the town.

We wish the animals made it to safety!

Watch the video above to see the full news report about this bizarre incident!!

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