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Double Date In London!


We guess Sherlock and Watson are besties in real life, too!

Robert Downey, Jr.
brought his wife Susan Levin out on the town in Covent Garden to catch a meal with buddy Jude Law and his girlfriend Sluttyienna Miller at J Sheekey restaurant.


That RDJ is so adorbs!

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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Jude Law Sues Ex-Wife Over Tell-All Book

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Jude Law must have A LOT to hide because he's trying really hard to stop ex-wife Sadie Frost from releasing her book, Crazy Days, that will most likely include details of their turbulent marriage.

A source says that "Jude is trying to injunct her to stop the book" despite the fact that "he had been at her house earlier in the day and they discussed the book." She even "let him read bits of it" and he seemed okay with the book, but now he's gone ahead and started legal proceedings.

Friends of Sadie say that "she's poured her heart into this and is upset and hurt by what Jude has done. She thought they were getting on very well - and suddenly he's serving a 100-page writ…She's astonished he's taken this step."

Sadie has said that she doesn't want to make the book controversial and has no plans to reveal any lurid details about Jude.

Thankfully, we know Sadie won't even bother to mention Sluttyienna Miller so at least that's one good reason to read the book!

[Images via WENN.]

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Sadie Frost BANS Sluttyienna From Daughter's Recital After Haircut!


We're not surprised she's so pissed! Gurl had no business taking that kid to get her hair did without mom's consent!

Jude Law's ex-wife, Sadie Frost, is still so furious with his partner in STD swapping, Sluttyienna Miller, for cutting her child's hair while she was out of town that she has banned the shameless homewrecker from attending her daughter's ballet recital!

A source confirms:

‘Jude was bringing Sienna to the recital to support Iris, but Sadie has had enough and put her foot down and said she could not come. Sadie is a great mum, she’s just had enough of someone else playing mum with her children. There are many things that Sadie is cross about at the moment. Sienna is making all these plans for Sadie’s children to be part of the wedding party. Jude asked Sadie if she could have an informal meeting with Sienna to smooth over their relationship for the sake of the children – but that was before.'

What a piece of work!

Attention, Sluttyienna!

You're not the mother of those kids, so consult the real one before you start making all these decisions on behalf of her, you clueless skank!


[Image via WENN.]

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Jude Blah and Sluttyienna Continue To Make Us Sick

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Balding Jude Law and Sluttyienna Miller think it's a good idea to get married this summer.

Even though the two home wreckers have had several gross affairs, a source is saying that they are "putting the past behind them" and have decided to go ahead and plan not one, but TWO weddings this summer, one in Gloucestershire, England and the other in New York.

Oh, what a FANTASTIC idea!

The source says:

"They don't want to jinx things by talking about it, but they have told their nearest and dearest that they would like to get married in the summer. They have put the past behind them and want to move on. Sienna is also saying that she has some other really exciting news, but she is not saying anything to anyone at the moment."

Should they just sign the divorce papers already?

[Image via WENN.]

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Sluttyienna Converts To Kabbalah?!


Oh, good! Now you can add fame to your already-in-place 'whore' title!

Sluttyienna Miller, who is once again exchanging STDs with Jude Law, is also apparently the latest psuedo-hipster celebrity to jump on the Kabbalah bandwagon!

Sources claim that Miller has been spotted out and about wearing the trademark red bracelet that symbolizes one is a follower of the Jewish mysticism.

They say:

“Sienna has joined Kabbalah and started wearing the red bracelet. She certainly seems fascinated, and with so many famous devotees, joining won’t do her career any harm either.”

Oh good! Converting religions to get attention from Madonna and Goopy Gwyneth!

Way to go, Slutty! This is even a bigger life fail than getting back together with your douchey, cheating ex-boyfriend!


[Image via WENN.]

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Jude And Slutty Want To Be Home Wreckers Owners!


Oh, this is a FABULOUS idea!!

Jude Law and Sluttyienna Miller - who have stoopidly gotten engaged for a second time - seem to think they can both stop being cheating cesspools of disease for two minutes and are on the hunt to purchase an actual home to wreck together!

And because Jude and his hairline are such compassionate clASS acts, they're looking in the same neighborhood as his ex-wife, Sadie Frost!

You know, the woman he originally left to be with Slutty!!

We're sure she REALLY appreciates that, you douchebag!

Who wants to start taking bets on which one of these twats is going to cheat on the other first? Any takers??

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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Slutty And Jude Law's Receding Hairline Are Engaged??


What barf-inducing wonderful news!

Jude Law and his whore, Sluttyienna Miller, have apparently gotten engaged for a second time!

As we all know, the home wreckers enjoyed the first edition of their beautiful romance and were set to be married way back in 2005, until Jude couldn't keep it in his pants anymore and boned the nanny of his children!

As true love cannot be separated for long, however, the gruesome twosome reconciled at Christmas, and Slutty has been spotted ALREADY wearing her old engagement ring.

But because she's such a clever little sneak, she's trying to throw off the press's scent by wearing it on the wrong hand!

A source says:

"They do not want to make the engagement official which is why Sienna is wearing the ring on the wrong hand. They are keeping it secret, but are very happy and really hope it's going to work out. Jude has been to visit Sienna's parents and her sister Savannah and has worked hard to redeem himself."


May their collective STDs love continue to flourish!

[Image via WENN.]

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