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CW's The Secret Circle Gets Some Help From Smallville!

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secret circle adds showrunners from smallville

Good call, CW!

Showrunners Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders, who previously worked on Smallville, have been brought on to the CW's The Secret Circle as consultants.

This is probably a smart move because let's be honest, Circle showrunner Kevin Williamson has

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Sam Jones Only Gets A Year In Prison

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Sam Jones Gets One Year

The Smallville actor who got busted during a major drug ring take-down has escaped with only a year sentence — when the feds wanted to give him 5.

Sam Jones pled guilty to conspiracy to sell more than 10,000 pills of Oxycodone, and was sentenced this morning.

Jones threw himself at the mercy of the judge, who apparently bought it, that the charges had made him lose everything. His dog, his car, his acting job on Blue Mountain State.

The prison he'll be in has not yet been announced, but once it is, he is expected to be put into custody immediately to start serving his sentence.

Sam, keep your head down and do your time.

We'd love to give you the benefit of the doubt too, but once you get out you gotta prove it to everyone. What you did was wrong regardless, and you completely lucked out with this sentencing — don't blow it.

Do U think the judge should have been harder on him??

[Image via WENN.]

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Smallville Actor Gets Nabbed By DEA, Has Like, Totally Legit Excuse, Your Honor

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Sam Jones Tries To Use Excuse During Bust

Sam Jones, from Smallville and E.R., is asking a judge to go easy on him for getting busted by the DEA on a major set-up even though he pled guilty to conspiracy to sell more than 10,000 pills of oxycodone!

Though, his reason, if true, could have been solved in other ways than slinging drugs.

Here's his reason:

"According to court docs, Jones says his childhood friend, a drug dealer named Tom Cataloni believed he was on the hook to a Mexican drug cartel to the tune of $90,000.

Jones says rather than let his friend get killed, he agreed to slang some pills to help raise the cash … only to find out, there was no Mexican drug cartel … and the whole thing was a DEA set up."

If all that is correct and Sam DOES have a friend in trouble, then it probably would have been better to go to the authorities for protection, maybe even witness protection, and possibly help the DEA bring down whatever part of the Mexican Drug Cartel this Cataloni guy was mixed up with!

We know that it would be infinitely more complicated than that, but hey, it'd be worth it to stay out of jail and perhaps stay alive.

Jones is supposed to spend 70 months in prison for this. Who wouldn't try and use an excuse to get that reduced??

We'll just have to see what the judge thinks is true or not!

Another option would be to not be best friends with someone mixed up with the Mexican cartel. Just sayin'. Ha!

[Image via WENN.]

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New Smallville Teaser….With Lex Luthor!

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Ahhh, yes. This is what you have been waiting for, Smallville fans.

Lex Luthor will make his final return when The CW show will end its 10-year run on May 13.

It's going to E-PIC! Check out the new promo (above) and brace yourselves for the end!

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Gleeks! You Have Some Serious Competition In The Fandom Community!

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In this digital age, there is one sure fire place to go to find people, just like you, who are obsessed with the same things you are - the Internet.

In the last view years, with the advent of Twitter and Tumblr and the rise of Forums, people have flocked the Internet in droves to talk about their favorite movies, music and TV shows. Of the latter, Internet fandom and sometimes make or break a show. In truth, the more buzz there is about a show on the Internet, the more of a chance it has at staying on the air.

So which show's have the highest and most loyal fans on the web? A new poll was conducted to find out the answer to that exact question and here are the results! The Top 13 shows with the strongest online support are:

1. Supernatural (Jensen Ackles, Mmm!)
2. Castle
3. Smallville (Hence why it's been the air for ten years!)
4. Community (Thanks for keeping this on the air!)
5. Hawaii Five-0
6. Chuck
7. Bones
8. Leverage (???)
9. The Vampire Diaries (Ian Somerhalder, doubly Mmm!)
10. Fringe
11. Burn Notice
12. Glee (This is embarrassing! How can you guys be so far down the list?!)
13. Mad Men

Did UR fave show make the list? Are U going to go blog about it right now? The polls over - there's no upping your standings!

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First Promo For The Smallville Series Finale!

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Ten years on the air…and it all ends May 13th.

The CW is gearing up for one hell of a send-off for their long-running series, Smallville. Check out the first promo to commemorate the event in the video (above).

Will U be tuning in?

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Will Superboy Replace Smallville?

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superboy may be smallville spinoff

Exciting/bittersweet times for Smallville fans!

Last week, we learned that Michael Rosenbaum will be returning as Lex Luthor for the series finale of Smallville.

Now, it looks there MAY be life after Smallville for fans of the series…in the form of Superboy.

Along with Lex, Superboy will be introduced to the world in the show's series finale, which is likely to pave the way for the character's own spin-off series.

We're not 100% sure how we feel about this. Spin-off series have certainly worked before, like Frasier, but there have also been some that have NOT worked so well. Cough…Joey…Cough.

What do U think about the possibility of a Superboy-themed Smallville spin-off? Would U watch?

[Image via WENN.]

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