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Medical Marijuana Is Coming To NY! But You Won't Be Able To Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It!

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medical marijuana is coming to ny but you wont be able to put that in your pipe and smoke it

Big news, everyone!

New York was poised to become the 23rd state to legalize medical marijuana after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced this past week that he and other state lawmakers had reached a deal to make it so, but someone might have stolen their thunder

It's still cool! However, there is a caveat. The bill will prohibit smoking marijuana, but rather will apply strictly to edibles, pills, and vaporized marijuana.

The prohibition of smoking the green herb was a major sticking point for Cuomo and his administration.

Here is what Mr. Cuomo said during his historic announcement:

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Company Claims To Make Safer Tobacco

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Company Claims To Make Safer Tobacco

We’re skeptical.

Star Scientific Inc. claims that it has created a smokeless form of tobacco with lower levels of cancer-causing chemicals than normal tobacco products.

They plan to seek FDA approval to sell their lozenges as safer alternatives to the competition.

This product is DUMB! Is it safer than other tobacco products? Maybe. Should you use it? Absolutely not!!

If you are a tobacco user, get on the road to recovery with something that will help you quit completely, not just downgrade to something that’s slightly less bad for you!!

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New Ruling Says Electronic Cigarettes Regulated As Tobacco Products By The FDA

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New ruling says e-cigarettes are regulated as tobacco product

A federal appeals court has ruled that e-cigarettes, which first appeared on the marked in 2002, should be regulated by the FDA as tobacco products, rather than as drug-delivery devices (nicotine patch, gum), which have stricter requirements.

The ruling means their makers won't have to conduct expensive clinical trials to prove to the FDA that the products are safe and effective as a stop-smoking aid.

This decision, by a 3-judge panel in Washington, is described as a major set-back for the Food and Drug Administration along with other public health organizations because of the dangerous chemicals that are still found in the e-cig, as well as concerns of the product being marketed to children.

E-cigarettes are plastic or metal devices that heat liquid nicotine solution inside to create a vapor that the user inhales.

Makers of the product say they help quitters by addressing both the nicotine addiction and the behavioral addiction of holding something and puffing, without inhaling any of the 4,000 chemicals found in regular cigarettes.

While makers of these smokeless cigarettes are thrilled with the ruling, proponents such as Matthew L. Myers, the president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, says:

"any manufacturer to put any level of nicotine in any product and sell it to anybody, including children, with no government regulation or oversight at the present time."

American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown goes one step further, saying:

"There is no scientific evidence that e-cigarettes are effective smoking cessation devices and, until they undergo rigorous evaluation by the Food and Drug Administration, they should be pulled from the marketplace."

What do U think? Are these smokeless cigarettes as dangerous as the real ones or are they a great product to assist quitters?

[Image via AP Images.]

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Chewing Tobacco Company Sued Successfully For The First Time

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This could be a catastrophic misstep for smokeless tobacco companies and a huge success for people who have suffered from their addictive products.

A smokeless tobacco company will pay $5 million to the family of a man who died of mouth cancer from chewing tobacco.

This is the first of it’s kind. Ever. Cigarette companies have been sued left and right for years, but smokeless tobacco has escaped the litigation for the most part.

Said Antonio Ponvert III, the attorney of the plaintiff’s family:

“This company manufactures and sells a dangerous and defective product that it knows causes addiction, disease and death in consumers who use it as intended.”

Mark Gottlieb, director of the Tobacco Products Liability Project at Northeastern School of Law in Boston, elaborated on the subject:

“I think this is sort of a wakeup call to the plaintiff’s bar that there are a lot of victims of smokeless tobacco use out there and it’s possible these cases can be successful.”

We think this is a great step! Smokeless tobacco should be held to the same standards as cigarettes!

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Introducing Weed Soda!

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Medicinal marijuana users rejoice!

Colorado-based company Dixie Elixirs have developed marijuana-infused soda as a smokeless alternative for individuals out there who don't want to inhale, and would also prefer not to gorge on brownies and other baked goods.

The prescription soda pot pop comes in 8 flavors, such as root beer, grape, and pink lemonade.

Just make sure to keep your weed soda separate from your regular soda. You wouldn't want to "surprise" unobservant, thirsty friends who were only looking for a small caffeine buzz.

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