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Mark Zuckerberg Talks Facebook E-Mail Addresses!

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All right…here we go. Another 'upgrade.'

Facebook users will soon be getting their own e-mail accounts on the social networking site, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently opened up about the development, and what exactly the changes will entail!

He explains that Facebook will have three new features, described as "the way the future should work."

These include 'seamless messaging,' which lets users chat with people through SMS, e-mail, or IM; conversation history, which will let a user "see everything you've discussed with friends as a single conversation;" and a social inbox for "filtering exactly the messages you want to see."

He continues:

"This is not an email killer. This is a messaging system that includes email as one part of it. You decide how you want to talk to your friends: via SMS, chat, email or Messages. They will receive your message through whatever medium or device is convenient for them, and you can both have a conversation in real time. We don't think modern messaging system will be email."

This is pretty intense. And we don't really get it.

But we imagine that once it's employed - which will be via invite-only throughout the upcoming months - it will be a little more comprehensible!

Oh, how we long for the days when Facebook was just for college students and its newest option was to 'poke' other users.


What do U think?? Do U want a Facebook e-mail address??

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Facebook And Skype To Join Forces!

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skype and facebook to join forces in partnership

Most of the time, whenever Facebook goes through changes like shitty updated privacy policies, people respond negatively.

That won't happen this time.

Looks like Facebook and Skype are working on a partnership, which will integrate SMS, voice chat and Facebook Connect.

Here's what sources are saying is Facebook's goal with this integration:

To mesh communications and community more tightly together and add more tools to allow users to do so.

In return for introducing video chatting to the world of Facebook, Skype's 560 million registered users will have even more company with the addition of 500 million Facebook users.

Skype users will be able to SMS, call, and video chat with Facebook friends on version 5.0 of Skype, which will emerge from beta in the next few weeks.

Exciting news! This almost makes us completely forget about Facebook sort-of founder Mark Zuckerberg's less-than-flattering portrayal in The Social Network.

Are U excited for Skypebook?

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T-Mobile SUED For Blocking Marijuana App!

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Tisk, tisk!

The text-messaging service EZ Texting is reportedly suing T-Mobile because they allegedly blocked them over one of their clients offering SMS information on the location of medical marijuana dispensaries!

According to the lawsuit, the EZ client, WeedMaps, is a "a community where medical marijuana patients connect with other patients in their geographic region to freely discuss and review local cannabis co-operatives, dispensaries, medical doctors, and delivery services."

EZ Texting even went as far to stop providing the service, even though it's specifically for people in states where the drug is legal, but T-Mobile still dropped them!

EZ Texting Head Shane Neman says that his business is now in jeapordy, and continues:

"We were told that T-Mobile didn't approve of the Web site, which is totally legal. But we feel this is illegal blocking and that consumers have the right to send and receive any text message of their choosing."

T-Mobile has since released a statement that "the claims in the lawsuit are meritless."

If EZ texting is doing anything illegal, then we personally don't understand why they would be dropped by T-Mobile!

Granted, we can't imagine everyone who uses the application actually needs the product, but at the same time, if they have a license to buy it, how is that the responsibility of T-Mobile OR EZ Texting?

What do U think?? Is the lawsuit valid??

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