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EXCLUSIVE! One Life To Live & All My Children Return With A Special Contest Giveaway For YOU!

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one life to live cast contest giveaway

The soaps are back!

And they are better than ever!

This time around, One Life to Live and All My Children are doing their premieres big with an EXCLUSIVE contest giveaway just for PerezHilton.com readers!

If you play your cards right and comment HERE by this Friday, May 3rd at 3:00pm EST, you just might be the lucky winner of a script signed by the One Life to Live cast!

And you know the racy story inside those pages is going to be a goooood read.

Let US know why you should receive the personalized script!

Need a little more temptation to enter?

Check out the signed copy you could be receiving (below)!

And DEFINITELY check out cutie hottie Corbin Bleu’s very special message to PerezHilton.com readers and One Life to Live fans …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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New Tick Removal Technique Using Cotton Balls And Soap!

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As reported earlier, ticks can be a bugger when it comes to pets and your safety.

But, there is another technique to choose from to rid these pesky crawlers from your pets!

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Baby Soap & Shampoo Set Off Positive Drug Test?!?!


That's a relief!

Babies are NOT getting high on marijuana.

Certain brand baby soaps and shampoos have been found to trigger positive tests for marijuana. Some of these products are Johnson & Johnson’s Bedtime Bath, CVS Night-Time Baby Bath, Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash and Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo.

Just 0.1 milliliters of the above products were found to cause a positive marijuana test result in urine samples.

There is no clear reason why these baby hygiene products cause the positive marijuana results, but we are relieved to hear that they aren't actually intoxicating, aka they aren't getting babies stoned!!!

Researchers believe the soaps or shampoos were washing off the babies' skin and trickled their way down into the little ones' urine samples.

Another question that has arose, though is why hospitals are testing infants for weed exposure in the first place? Does this happen more than one would think?

At least at at U.N.C. Chapel Hill, 10% to 40% of newborns are tested.

That's kind of a high number don't you think???

The tests are extremely selective - some might say they are even biased. Plus there is no scientific evidence that personal marijuana use by a parent correlates to child abuse. Obviously if the mother is preggers and smoking dope - that's a different story entirely.

Here's what one researcher said:

“If the issue is that the mother broke the law and therefore the child should be removed, we might want to consider going after mothers who exceed the speed limit while driving."

The biggest problem with a FALSE positive marijuana test in a baby is that it can lead to that baby being removed from their parents' care and placed in a foster home - something much more traumatic and harmful for the child than it is for the parent to smoke pot - or at least that's what one researcher says.

Here's what he said:

“Children risk enormous emotional trauma when they are torn from their mothers during a crucial period for infant-parent bonding. For the foster children, being taken from their mothers was more toxic than the cocaine.”

We personally think that cocaine use during pregnancy could be INCREDIBLY HARMFUL to one's baby, but we get the point that the researcher is trying to make. These false positive marijuana tests can have a huuuge impact on a child's life, and it all could happen because they were striving to keep their babes so fresh and so clean, clean.

That's messed up!

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Bold And The Beautiful Impending Lesbian Storyline

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Bold And The Beautiful is popping its cherry regarding lesbians as the soap plans to introduce the first lesbian storyline in the show's history.


Jessica Leccia and Linsey Godfrey will join Crystal Chappell, the popular lesbian lover from The Guiding Light, for the new episodes of Bold And The Beautiful which are set to air in mid-May.

This won't be the first time a CBS soap has aired a gay storyline, but it is the first time B&B has done it.

So, if soaps are your thing then you should definitely watch this can't-miss-season of…

(Dramatic voice) ThE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Calling My Strange Addiction! This Girl Eats SPONGES And SOAP!


Oh man. TLC is going to be on this like white on rice!

Get ready! This girl is totally en route to My Strange Addiction!

Kerry Trebilcock is a 21 year old from Cornwall who, after contracting a hookworm while vacationing in Morocco, developed pica, which causes its victims to crave objects that are not food…and due to the condition, has left her eating up to 4,000 sponges and 100 bars of soap!

And although she had the parasite taken care of by her doctor, she was afraid to mention her bizarre eating habits, so she let them continue, which has led to serious stomach cramps, constipation, and diarrhea!

She explains:

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