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Orphan Baby Walrus Comforted By Rescuers

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Oh boy, we may need a tissue after this one.

This little (well, not little but small for a walrus) baby walrus was found abandoned, only four to six weeks old.

Walrus' are very touchy-feely, social creatures, so he needed the love and care of rescuers from the Alaska SeaLife Center.

They played with him, fed him milk from a huge bottle and even laid back against a wall as he waddled over to cuddle up to them.


Check out the video (above) to see the world's cutest baby walrus!

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Bob Barker Saves Five Lab Monkeys With $200,000!

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When it comes to animal activists, there are few that are more serious than Bob Barker.

He's so serious, that he donated $200,000

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Jennifer Aniston Has Pet Chickens??

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It's no secret that Jennifer Aniston is a HUGE dog lover.

But she's keeping some new pets on her new property.


She didn't originally go out looking to get some feathery new friends, but now she's glad she has them.

When she got her new property, she found a chicken coop there… and it was full of chickens.

We guess the original owner just left them behind?

Well instead of giving them up (or even worse: eating them!) she decided to take good care of them.

She said:

"They're very social animals, and they like it when you visit them with a cup of coffee in your hand. And according to my groundskeeper, they love pasta."

Sounds like she's enjoying having some chicken buddies to hang out with and give pasta to!

Must be hard now though with having chickens for friends… must make it difficult to enjoy Chick-fil-A.


[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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Monkeys Cover Their Eyes When They Wanna Be Alone

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dramatic monkey

OMGEZZ! Goawaaaay!!

Mandrills the biggest member of the monkey family and apparently the most easily annoyed.

Experts have noticed when the monkeys want to be left alone they cover their eyes with there hands.

Apparently it's a gesture that has never been seen before, and experts believe it is evidence of social culture among animals. They believe one of the mandrills made up the gesture, made it cool, and passed it on to her pals. (kinda like saying "that's what she said.")

Evolutionary biologist Mark E. Laidre says they don't do it to block the sun cause their eyes remain open.

I just seems like a matter of time before they start flipping us off!

[image via youtube]

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The Pros & Cons Of Social Petworking

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blogging dog

According to the Telegraph, "One in 10 of all UK pets have their own Facebook page, Twitter profile or YouTube channel."

We are totes phyced that more pets have picked up on what we've been putting down (yep, we're taking credit for this trend).

BUT before you jump right on the band wagon consider these pros and con of social networking for pets:


1. Your annoying pet will have less free time to walk on me and fart.

2. Celebrity pets can write tell-all blogs! Duh.

3. There will finally be a market for viral videos of humans doing cute things.

4. Lassie can have a Twitter feed: "Timmy fell in another well. #niceworkshithead"

5. Your cat will finally be able to meet that perfect feline – who is a calico but not bitchy.


1. Your attention deprived pet will have more free time to send feacbook invites.

2. You could be cyberbullied by your neighbour's parrot. (It's your fault for ever suggesting it's feathers were fake!)

3. Feline Aids will become a computer virus.

4. Dogs will begin scamming other dogs out of large amounts of Pedigree Chum.

5. It's only a matter of time before they take over Farmville and turn it into a communist dystopia.

LOLZ! Jk - we think every pet should have a blog!!!!!!

[image via netwavesolutions]

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One In Ten Pets Have A Facebook Profile

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One In Ten Pets Have A Facebook Profile

Blogging pet? That's totes ridiculous! LOLz!

A new study says a different breed of celebrity is taking over Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

One in ten of all UK pets have their own Facebook page, Twitter profile or YouTube channel, and more than half of UK pet owners are sharing photos of their pets online.

The rise of pets online has also seen a number of owners joining dedicated sites, with names such as Critter, Catster and Doggie Dating.

Others have also set up entire websites devoted specifically to their pets, many of which have raised money for rescue centres or animal welfare charities.

Neil Brettell, director of insurer PetPlan, who commissioned the study, said that it suggested that “animals are more popular than celebrities on Facebook and other social networking sites.”

He added "A site that incorporates animals AND celebrities sounds like it would be the best website ing the world!!"

Ok, he didn't say that last part. LOL.

[image via smileytheclown.com]

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Science: 'Cows Have BFFs'

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"Cows Have BFFs" - Science

Move over Milo and Otis!

The farm has some new best friends 4 Evsies.

Cows have best friends and become stressed if they are separated, according to research.

In the study cattle were penned on their own, with their best friend or with another cow they did not know for 30 minutes and their heart rates were measured at 15-second intervals.

The research showed cows were very social animals which often formed close bonds with friends in their herd.

Krista McLennan, who made the discovery while working on her PhD at Northampton University, said:

'If we can encourage farmers to keep an eye out for those cows which like to keep their friends with them, it could have some real benefits, such as improving their milk yields and reducing stress for the animals, which is very important for their welfare."

So it turns out happy cows do make happy cheese!

Question: when a cow gets dumped does her bff bring over ice cream? Somehow we don't think so.

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